Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cutest Little Dance

For dance class yesterday Rylie insisted on wearing purple leotard with hot pink tights. I figured no harm in that! lol She's very into picking out her own clothes & usually is very good at matching. Then sometimes she likes to be different!

They started working on their full routine for the recital in May & allowed all the Mommies in to watch it today. All I have to say is CUTE!!!!!! I just wanted to cry it's so cute. I took some photos of them working on it.

Doesnt she look like a pro already?

This part is the cutest & Rylie totally hams it up!

After class we got Mommy's car washed (always a treat for Rylie too) and met Carter & Tiffany for a pizza lunch! Did I ever mention on here Carter's also going to be a big sister?! I forget if I have, but they're due about 3 weeks before us! It's fun to have another friend in the same journey, especially when we have the same cravings ;-)


Rosie said...

She sure does look like a pro already! And I like pink and purple together.

Julee Casey said...

I loved her stylish choice of attire! Fun dance! Can't wait to see them in full costume! :)