Friday, March 11, 2011

Catching Up on Fun with Friends

I've forgotten a few things on the blog because I havent uploaded anything from my small camera in over a week! Here's a few little things we've also been up to I just wanted to include on here.

Last Thursday night our friend Mary came into town for a work conference! We were delighted she called us up to meet for dinner. Vince & Malia couldn't make it, but Rylie got to talk to Malia on the phone! It's already started lol
After dinner we all grabbed ice cream at Ben & Jerry's!

Last Friday Laurie & I took our kiddos to Chick Fil A for lunch & play!

This was Rylie's 1st time to every play in Chick Fil A's playground! Her & Jaiden were running around for over an hour saying there was a "monster" chasing them & just laughing & have a good time! She napped really hard when we got home I remember =)

And then these were from my big camera this Tuesday after dance. Rylie's friends Charlotte & Raegan came over to play & have lunch!

We brought out Rylie's dressup things & she got all fancy

Charlotte was styling too! Hehe!

Raegan had on her new Rapunzel dress as well! And I gotta brag about these girls. I made them grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch & put 3 cut up grapes on each of their plates. I figured they might eat them. They gobbled them up first & asked for more! I was so proud they all ate their fruits so well!

Then they settled down to watch Beauty and the Beast for awhile. Sharon & Julee each had their little ones with them so we just got to sit & chat while the girls played.

Such a cute play time! I wish I'd taken more pictures. Raegan & Rylie were so into the barbies before Charlotte arrived & it was precious. I didnt get photos of that though. We'll have to do this again!

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