Monday, March 28, 2011

16 Weeks!

Here is my 16 week belly sticker picture from Saturday!
I've been up & down 2 lbs every other day this week so I'm 6-7 lbs up? I feel so big this week though & look like I've gained 25! You cant read Rylie's shirt well but it says Big Sister. She's so proud!

I couldn't find a 16 week photo with Rylie because it was a crazy week in my life then! But here's comparison to my 12 week belly sticker photo.

So this past week I've had bad migraines, one lasted Monday-Tuesday. It's gotta be allergies though. David came home from work with burning eyes from allergies & Rylie's still got this dry cough we cant get rid of. All the Houston pollen to blame!

My belly's become more defined & firm this week I've noticed. I feel like I'm "blooming" this week while the world around me is too! Notice the flowers on the side of the road & green buds on trees around you? I guess this is the definition of "popping." Although I wear loose shirts somedays & dont even look pregnant.

I've had a huge appetite increase lately.

Thursday I felt the baby's movement for the first time! I was laying on my side with a pillow over my stomach & felt little faint kicks on the left, lower side. I only feel them when I'm laying down & still & looking for them. But I know they were the baby & nothing else! Makes this pregnancy feel more real!

I have an ob appt this Wednesday & then we'll schedule the gender ultrasound 4 weeks from then! We've got our gender reveal party date set though for Sunday, May 15! A lot of family will already be in town for Rylie's dance recital so while they're here we'll reveal the gender as well!


EMonaghan said...

You are looking good! (but you shouldn't be weighing youself every day!) Hope your headaches get better!

Rosie said...

Rylie cracks me up in that picture!HA HA!!!
And how exciting that you go to feel the baby kick! Isn't it amazing how early on they have legs and arms?

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

I do see your cute baby bump:) Love Rylie is this pic!

ashlee's mom said...

Love that Miss Rylie had to show her profile too! Can't wait for the gender revealing party!!!!!