Monday, March 7, 2011

13 Weeks!

Well, I made it to 13 weeks! It felt like it took forever to get here! lol Baby is now almost 3 inches long, almost an ounce, and is the size of a medium shrimp. This is technically the last week of the 1st trimester, because they count the full week completed as going into the 2nd trimester. Blah!

**Forgot to note-this past week I've been on a huge Root Beer kick! Just wanted to remember that. With Rylie it was Big Red. I'm also still 3, maybe 4 lbs up now.

Here's the photo from Saturday. I feel a little silly taking "belly" pics when I'm not really showing a belly yet. That's why I didnt start pictures until 15 weeks the 1st time, but I also like to take photos of the "before" in a way. The belly stickers are for every 4 weeks. It also depends on what I'm wearing if I'm "showing" or not.

So we had an appointment last Wednesday for the ultrasound to check for down syndrome. Everything went great! David couldn't make it, so I bought the dvd & got photos of the ultrasound.

Little peanut!

Baby was just chilling in there. The left hand is up on the side of its head & the feet were just kicking away. I still havent felt any of the movements yet. I hear you feel them sooner the 2nd time but I didnt feel Rylie until 19 weeks so still lots of time.

I've gotta share my story with yall from Saturday though. I was so excited Saturday morning-13 weeks along! Yay! Feeling great! So we headed into Kingwood for an appt at a consignment store then we were going to grab a quick lunch before Rylie had a birthday party to go to. We dropped the clothes off & headed down the street to lunch when all of a sudden I felt nauseaus. I mean, full-on-came-outta-nowhere nausea. It was weird! I wasnt even hungry. We were just down the road from the restaurant & I thought I could make it, but suddenly knew I couldnt. I told David to pull over! But there wasn't a shoulder to do that. Just as we were turning off the road into a parking lot I got sick. All. Over. Me. And then continued to outside in the grass. And then I felt much better! It was so bizarre. You have to know something about me though-I get extremely car sick pregnant or not a lot of the time. Especially if I dont have a full belly. I didnt feel hungry Saturday so I dont know what caused it, but I was definitely car sick! So then we had to turn around & drive back down the road to the nearest store to buy me some new clothes to wear. I was still feeling queasy so I wouldn't have made it 30 minutes to get back home. I needed food in me now! So got new clothes & then drove back down the road again to the restaurant to eat. I was able to eat fine & felt so much better. Then we all had to rush off to Rylie's friend's birthday party (which I'll post about tomorrow) and I never felt sick again. So that was my fun-filled Saturday morning kicking off the start of 2nd trimester (technically).

After the birthday party we took Rylie to Mimi's house for Gaga's birthday. David & I could've had a date night but after the "events" earlier in the day we just wanted to go home. I have to brag though how awesome David is. We stopped at Babies R Us to look at a few things & saw this Snoogle pillow (above). I'd been wanting one for weeks but they're so expensive! When David saw it, he immediately picked it up & said he'd get it for me since he knew how much trouble I've been having sleeping lately. I just wanted to cry right there in the store. Not because he bought me an expensive item I wanted, but because he knew it was something I needed & wanted to help make my sleep better for me. And it sure has! Best money ever spent! =)


Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Sorry about the unfun car ride! SO sweet of hubby to get that for you:) Love the pics of peanut!

~Shelly~ said...

Ew gosh sorry u got sick!! My friend did that while she was driving..over the twin bridges- couldnt stop!
I had the snoogle pillow when I was was wonderful! Until the last month or so when I was so big I couldnt stand it anymore but now my sister is borrowing it haha!

Rosie said...

Oh you poor thing! Brings back my pregnancy. I was the same way. Car sick AND pregnant don't mix!
And yay for pillow. That's the one I had. Towards the end though when I was big, I had to add in a small couch pillow to hold up my Glad you are posting belly pics.It's fun watching progress.

EMonaghan said...

I didn't have a Suggie, but I used so many pillows that Eric barely had room on the bed :)