Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Shower For Zoe

Sunday morning Rylie & I visited church with our neighbors & really enjoyed it! It's actually the church I attend MOPS so I knew a lot of people there. I think we may have found the one!

Rylie looked SO CUTE in her dress I had to take photos before we headed out! I got this last Summer for her but it's the first time to wear it. 

The back of the dress-LOVE!

After church we went to a neighbors' baby shower!

Miss Becky is having little Zoe at the end of April! Another girl for our street!

We played some fun games including the toilet paper one

The 3 expecting ladies of the street! Tiffany, Becky, and myself

Monday, March 28, 2011

16 Weeks!

Here is my 16 week belly sticker picture from Saturday!
I've been up & down 2 lbs every other day this week so I'm 6-7 lbs up? I feel so big this week though & look like I've gained 25! You cant read Rylie's shirt well but it says Big Sister. She's so proud!

I couldn't find a 16 week photo with Rylie because it was a crazy week in my life then! But here's comparison to my 12 week belly sticker photo.

So this past week I've had bad migraines, one lasted Monday-Tuesday. It's gotta be allergies though. David came home from work with burning eyes from allergies & Rylie's still got this dry cough we cant get rid of. All the Houston pollen to blame!

My belly's become more defined & firm this week I've noticed. I feel like I'm "blooming" this week while the world around me is too! Notice the flowers on the side of the road & green buds on trees around you? I guess this is the definition of "popping." Although I wear loose shirts somedays & dont even look pregnant.

I've had a huge appetite increase lately.

Thursday I felt the baby's movement for the first time! I was laying on my side with a pillow over my stomach & felt little faint kicks on the left, lower side. I only feel them when I'm laying down & still & looking for them. But I know they were the baby & nothing else! Makes this pregnancy feel more real!

I have an ob appt this Wednesday & then we'll schedule the gender ultrasound 4 weeks from then! We've got our gender reveal party date set though for Sunday, May 15! A lot of family will already be in town for Rylie's dance recital so while they're here we'll reveal the gender as well!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Kids In Action with Carter

It's been such a crazy week! If you saw my Twitter updates on the side, you know I had a 2-day-long migraine Monday-Tuesday. Finally got relief on Wednesday! Thursdays are our "Rylie-Mommy" days where we have no place we're set to be at any time & just have fun together. This week was Spring cleaning day & Rylie was my helper. BUT we decided to take a little break & do a Kids in Action playdate with Carter!

We havent been there in about a year! Rylie was excited to go!

This obstacle thing was Rylie's favorite!

She still fit in the dolphin swing! haha

Carter in the swing!

Now she's big enough for the rings too!

Jumping on the trampoline

Carter & Rylie climbing some mats

Talking to miss Tiffany before going down the slide

Walking the beam. She was excited to "do gymnastics!"

The balloon balls! Definitely both girls' favorite!

Then they did bubbles at the end!

We had so much fun with our friends! Rylie wore herself out. She didnt even wanna eat lunch. We came home & she napped hard while Mommy did more cleaning. I had MOPS this morning & was so excited to make a breakfast casserole to bring.. Then my casserole messed up in the oven. So it was Shipley kolaches to the rescue! lol They were good though!

I also got Rylie's cupcake she made at Kate's Mudpie birthday party today! It came out really cute!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday, Kai!

Saturday afternoon was Rylie's neighbor friend Kai's 3rd birthday party!
He had a Toy Story theme party!

Rylie and the birthday boy
Rylie wanted to play outside for most of the party lol

Opening his presents!

Maggie & Jaiden came too. Everyone couldn't believe how grown up Maggie looked!

Singing Happy Birthday!

Raegan stopped by too

And all the kids got a ride on a big tractor at the end which they loved!

Rylie had a good time at the party she'd been talking about all last week! Then we visited Mimi's house where she got her favorite snack-pistacios! She's been eating these over there since she was maybe 18 mos old? They're her favorite! On Sunday David shampoo'd the living room carpet & stretched it out then we picked up Rylie from Mimi's. I cant believe Spring has officially started! Although with this pollen, I'm already looking forward to it being over lol!

Monday, March 21, 2011

15 Weeks!

Saturday we hit 15 weeks!
*Fixed the pictures below!*

I'm up a steady 5 lbs now, which is still great. Baby is about 4 inches long, 2 1/2 ounces and the size of an apple! I actually wore a complete maternity outfit on Saturday. I just needed comfort! lol Here's a comparison of me with my 1st pregnancy.

15 weeks with Rylie & 15 weeks now. I think I'm smaller this time around? I was wearing a full maternity outfit in the first photo too & it was taken after a long day of work. lol

This week has just been full of allergies & tiredness. The sinus infection brought up more nausea & lack of appetite. I had a little worry this weekend with some bleeding but I went to my doctor this morning & everything is ok. She thinks I might've busted a blood vessel which is completely normal. I just never had that happen before.

It's been such torture lately not being able to shop for the correct gender! Last week I was in Old Navy & really didn't want to walk away from this baby boy outfit!

OR these baby girl shoes!
Haha! I've restricted myself to no more baby shopping until we find out the gender! 5 more weeks!!!
My neighbor friend Tiffany (Carter's Mom) found out they're having another girl! SO exciting! They thought for sure it was a boy. =)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Break & St Paddy's

This week was Spring Break for us, which doesnt mean too much for a stay at home mom with a toddler except that we avoid zoos, museums, and malls this week! LOL Rylie did still have school Mon, Wed, Fri this week.

Tuesday Rylie didnt have dance class though but we had to get out of the house. We browsed Ross & I discovered they have scrapbooks for cheap! I found this adorable school years book for Rylie to start in a couple years.

Then we hit up the carwash, which thrilled Rylie of course!

That afternoon we met our friends at a local playground. It was actually 44 degrees this morning but warmed up to mid 70's by afternoon!

Saying hi to the local ducks in the pond!

Thursday was St Patty's Day & Rylie was invited to a playdate at Raegan's house. She was excited we had "matching" shirts (hers is actually from last year that still fits!)

She wanted to wear her new "Tiana" dress to the playdate. It's just a cute green dressup costume from Marshalls that was $10! I dont spend a lot on dressup. They're made too cheap to! So I was thrilled to find this & Rylie was excited to have a "Tiana" costume. It actually has wings for it too so she can be "Tinkerbell" as well!

Raegan's friends & Rylie eating lunch together! She had a bunch of girls from her dance class over & Rylie had a ball playing with them for hours!

Today I took Rylie to school & then went to the Dr. I've had bad allergies the past 2 days & couldn't stand it any longer. I've had no sleep for 2 nights. Turns out I've got another sinus infection & ear infection! It's the same thing I had in December. Thankfully I got to the Dr early & got a prescription before Rylie got out of school. Then we both took naps! I'm already feeling better & looking forward to a fun weekend with family.

I also want to ask for some prayers for my Grandma on my Dad's side. She was hospitalized this morning with pneumonia. She just turned 90 last Fall. She seems to be doing ok, but I'm worried about her. Any prayers would be appreciated.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sunday Surprises

We had a fun start to our Sunday, despite the unfun daylight savings time change!

Our friends Shelly, Jeff, and Kinley were in town so we met them for lunch! I didnt tell Rylie until we were leaving for lunch & she said "I'm so excited!" at seeing our friends.

Look how big & prissy our girls are! They were being so silly & cute at lunch. Such a fun age!

So glad we got to see yall while you guys were in town! Definitely have to get together again soon!

Then Sunday afternoon Rylie got a BIG surprise! She walked out of Mommy & Daddy's room to see Mimi & Gaga in the living room! Her expression was priceless!

Here's how she feels about Mimi & Gaga surprising her with a visit! hehe

They had a fun time playing & David grilled us steaks & had a fun night.