Sunday, February 6, 2011

Winter Weather

It's been pretty cold here lately!

Rylie's hair has been out of control with all the static! lol

On Thursday they had cancelled my MOPS for Friday morning & already sent notices Rylie's school would be closed Friday as well. They were predicting 1-3 inches of snow Friday morning. Of course that didnt happen though! There were icy roads so David had to stay home from work.

Rylie's swingset & playhouse out back had icicles!

And her sink was a frozen block of ice.

David brought home a new puzzle for Rylie to have something new to do since we've been inside so much lately.
Excuse her pj's & messy hair lol Getting started on her first 100 piece puzzle! The 24 piece one has become too simple for her.

And after she got dressed (and insisted on wearing her winter hat inside) she worked on it some more!

And more! She really did this puzzle almost completely by herself. She kept getting some big sections done & I would just show her they could connect together. And because I like to include videos sometimes to prove what I's Rylie finishing up her puzzle. (No way I was recording for 2 hours while she did the whole thing! lol)

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Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

The weather has been CRAZY! I love puzzless, can't wait till Savi will want to do them! Her hair has been crazy static too!