Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We've Been Busy

We've had a lot going on lately! We've completely emptied Rylie's playroom and all her toys are in her bedroom now. We also ordered her big-girl bedding awhile back & it's arrived. We just need to get a new mattress & convert her toddler bed to the full size. Rylie's really excited about her new "big girl" room! She's really needed the bigger bed for awhile. It's just taken us awhile to get to it.

empty playroom =(

We also had our 2nd prenatal doctor appointment on Friday afternoon. We have switched doctors since our 1st appointment & I'm really happy. The appointment went well & Rylie was excited to hear baby's heartbeat (as were David & I)! She kept asking "can I see baby again?!" since she saw baby at our 1st appointment. We're 11 weeks now as of Saturday (so 11 1/2 I guess now) and should know the gender in 9 weeks!

On Saturday we took Rylie to the Woodlands for a haircut which was desperately needed! We have contemplated for awhile now on getting her a cute bob since her hair's getting soooo long lately. But she said she didnt want it cut short or her bangs trimmed so we're going to grow them out! (the picture above is before haircut!)
After haircut we took her to Build-A-Bear. She got a giftcard for Christmas & wanted to buy her Princess bear she made on her 1st birthday a new outfit.  So now her bear's styling a new Cinderella dress!

Additionally we've also been busy getting Rylie signed up at a new preschool! She's going to do a Summer camp at this new school & start part-time in the Fall as well. We have no problem with where she's going now. It's just a whole long story as to why we're switching that I wont bore you with! And I've had MOPS, taking dinners to new mommies, and usual housework going on. I promise Rylie hasnt just been sitting at home doing nothing! We've still had a few lunch dates & she's been playing a lot with our neighbor friends & still going to dance. I just havent been taking many photos lately! I promise I'm trying to get better. I'm almost over this exhausted-not-feeling-great phase! =)


Rosie said...

Aww! Rylie's getting a big girl room getting ready to be a BIG sister :) How sweet!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Lots of fun changes around the corner! And YES if you ever come to Dallas, I would love to do lunch! You seem to travel a bit more than we do but if I make it to Houston or even Waco I'll let you know:)