Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Waco Children's Museum

Thank yall for reading my extremely long previous post! I cut it best I could, but I had a month's worth of stuff I wanted to remember.

While we were in Waco Saturday we took Rylie & her cousins Isaac & Hayden to the Mayborn Children's Museum!

Grandma with her best kiddos (Hayden in the stroller next to them)

I'd never been here but David's taken Rylie before. It's a really cute place! There's 2 floors of cute rooms with fun things.

Isaac & Rylie had a blast running around

The little village room with cars they drove around

Some animals in this room. They loved this snake! Rylie also saw Dori from "Finding Nemo" in here.

Playing meteorologist!

Hayden had fun too!

Tea party!

The room with costumes from different countries

Indian teepee!

I thought this was cool. It's the skull of a humpback whale. Look how huge it is!

Saying goodbye! Hayden looked so cute in his blue sweater & hat we got him for Christmas! We were so excited to have a fun afternoon with them! I wish it could've been longer but hopefully next time.

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