Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nonstop Dancer & More Cold Weather

Rylie was all bundled up for dance class today! I should've gotten a photo of her as we headed out because she looked so cute in her leg warmers and heavy coat and fluffy hat!

I havent taken photos of her in class in awhile because it was just the same old stuff & I felt like the pictures were getting old. They did cute stuff today so I got a few cute ones (Rylie's in purple in the center). They've been working on some things for the recital in May.

Rylie's favorite-jumping. Miss Taylor said their whole routine will have to include jumps since that's what this class loves the most!

Pretty little ballerinas!

Rylie's newest thing lately is running to the tv & dancing whenever there's a song on. Especially at the end of a movie! She'll jump around moving her arms & yell for us to come dance with her.

So cute! This was a puppy movie commercial & she made me replay it so she could dance some more. She also loves pretending to be Miss Taylor every week after dance class & show me her moves (as if I wasnt watching from the window the entire time hehe) She's just so proud of what she learns there!

It was 61 last night & felt so nice & then today it dropped into the 30's. They're predicting a chance of snow Friday morning & my MOPS might get cancelled. I would love to have a snow day but I love my MOPS Fridays so much so I'm torn between which one I'm hoping for! Ha!

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