Friday, February 18, 2011

Lunch with Mimi

Yesterday Rylie & I had a fun little outting to visit her Mimi at her office!
Rylie was put straight to work. Ha! She loves visiting Mimi's office & all her coworkers who have watched her grow up.

Then we walked over to the Galleria for a girls' lunch!

On our way back to the office we passed the train in the Galleria & Rylie really wanted to ride on it, so Mimi bought her a ticket! She's really into trains right now!

Look at her excited face! Since she's so short I had to ride with her. We were the only passengers!

It was actually quite a long train ride around that section of the mall & when it was over Rylie begged to ride again. We told her next time! Then she started asking to go back to the zoo to ride that train. lol

It was a fun afternoon getting out of the house & visiting with her Mimi. Rylie was so sad to head back home & said before bed last night the favorite part of her day was visiting Mimi's office. =)