Friday, February 25, 2011

I'm losing my mind

I remember having "expecting brain" with Rylie, but I dont remember it being this bad. Maybe because I wasnt chasing after an active 3 year old at that time. I dont know what it is, but I feel like I'm completely losing it lately! Here are some "expecting brain" moments I've had the past few weeks:

*I ordered 100 Avon books instead of 10. Luckily they let me return the extra 90!

*Then the next order I forgot to order ANY books! So everyone will have to order online this time I guess.

*I keep leaving food out of the refrigerator & come back home hours later to spoiled food like a half gallon of milk. This one really drives me crazy because I loathe wasting things & organic milk isnt cheap!

*I completely forgot I had a Dr appointment yesterday afternoon. Not a prenatal appointment, just another Dr visit. Completely forgot. I still think they could've called me though.

*I also forgot I signed up to bring a MOPS mom dinner Monday night (Ok, this was Wednesday night! I dont even know what day it is lol). Thankfully the coordinator sent me a last-minute reminder THREE HOURS before the dinner was due. So much for Rylie getting a nap-we had to run to the store to buy ingredients, get home & cook dinner, and get it to their house just in time!

*And of course I have been awful at remembering to write people back on emails or return phone calls. And I'll be lucky to remember to put our clothes in the dryer in the same day I put them in the washer. lol

I've seriously been so scatter-brained lately & it's not like me at all. It's so frustrating! I havent had a vacation in almost 2 years and I sure could use one right about now! lol I dont mean to sound like I'm just complaining & whining. I really LOVE being pregnant. It's just frustrating losing my mind at times. Guess I should get used to it though huh? =)

(And I call it "expecting brain" because I've known a few Mommies who had these moments during the final stages of adoption. It's not just for preggers!)


Rosie said...

Oh yes, I remember those moments. More like months though. Good news is that it's only temporary :)

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Yep so remember it! Only bad news...after two it might not go I still am having my moments!