Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dance Class & Madison's Birthday

Rylie had a good dance class on Tuesday. I finally felt relief from nausea & for the first time in a month I felt prepared Tuesday morning!

Rylie's dance teacher asked who knew how to hop like a frog & of course Rylie volunteered to show the class! Then she showed us all evening at home too!

After a sweet dance class her & her dance friends headed to McDonalds nearby for one of the girls' birthday!

Rylie & her dance friends (Charlotte couldnt make it & looks like Paulina wasnt there yet). Hard to get 4 little ones to look at the camera when there's cooler things around to look at! haha It was Madison's 4th birthday (in the purple Tinkerbell dress in the middle) and Rylie's been talking about it for weeks!

This McDonalds is really big & has a party room in the back which is so cool! I had no idea this existed here!

Rylie's just started getting into Tinkerbell lately with her 1 movie she's got so she was excited about a Tinkerbell party to attend! And of course shouted to everybody "there's choc-late cupcakes!" hehe

Right next to the party room is this huge play area for the kids. The place was empty so it was nice we had it to ourselves! Perfect place for a rainy day lunch with friends so the kids can play too!

After some play time the kiddos got their happy meals!

Then we sang Happy Birthday & got cupcakes (Rylie decided to sing it 3 times while we were there though) It's her favorite song!

Then Madison opened her presents!

She liked the butterfly barbie Rylie insisted on getting for her!

I did nothing but rest yesterday after a not good night sleep Tuesday night. We had more cold weather today, but I actually had slept good for the first time in a month last night & had energy so we ventured out to the mall & saw our friends Tiffany & Carter there & had lunch at Chick Fil-A. We weren't going for anything specific-just wanted to get out & walk around.

I ended up getting these 2 cute shirts from Motherhood though. I know it's way early to be buying maternity shirts but I've been eyeing these online for awhile now & there were only 2 left in the store so I knew they wouldn't be there for long. I bought them loose-fitting though so they'll fit through the Summer. We're 10 weeks next Tuesday & happy for the warmer weather coming next week too!

(PS Eventually I'll get this blog updated with a new look & not so Christmas-y but with all this talk of snow & sleet & 20 degree weather, I havent been in any hurry! lol)

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Rosie said...

Super cute shirt choices. And Houston always has the best McDonald's!