Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cady's Birthday Party & Valentine's Day

I've really been trying to blog more often but I've just still been in this exhausted stage! The book "What to Expect When You're Expecting" says it best with this "...a pregnant woman's body is still working harder even when she's resting than a man's body is while mountain climbing." So I've been napping in the afternoon while Rylie is napping & still going to bed around 8pm every night. What little time I do have free I've been catching up on laundry or cleaning house. Hopefully I'll be back around with energy again soon!

In the meantime, here's a catch up on things from this weekend! Saturday was Rylie's friend Cady's 3rd birthday party. It was a Chef party where the kids got to cook/bake all on their own. I let David do all this with her & take photos while I sat back & watched (I was really dizzy this day anyway & couldnt do much). So here's some cute photos David took! I had to post all 1000 of them. lol

They first colored their own aprons & chef hats. Then listened to the master chefs explain what they were going to do.

They were divided into 2 teams-cupcake & icing. Rylie was in the icing team! 

They got to each put a scoop of the mix into the bowl.

Rylie & Jaiden excited about their icing!

Then they divided the icing up into bowls to color.

Rylie & Charlotte took turns helping each other mix some yellow frosting.

Then the kids got to make their own pizzas. Rylie rolled her dough out by herself.

Then they scooped sauce on. Next they added their toppings they liked.

Rylie decided to sneak a pepperoni! "What? We cant eat these yet?"

While the pizzas baked & the cupcakes finished the kids took turns helping make lemonade.

Then the pizzas were ready! They ate their pizzas & drank their drinks.

Then they put icing on their cupcakes.

And then they sang "Happy Birthday!" Love this look on Cady's face!

Watching Cady blow her candle out. Then they ate their cupcakes.

Then we were all getting ready to go & Rylie was hugging & saying bye to her friends. She was really excited to see them all there! She seriously hadnt seen any of them since December! She kept hugging Kendall a lot since she hadnt seen her since October.

Then the girls held hands & started dancing around (they're all in dance class obviously!). I had to take a few pictures from Kendall's Mommy since ours were blurry.

Singing "Ring Around The Rosy"

Cute girls! They were having so much fun it was hard to break up the dancing & singing!

More hugs!

When we finally got home Rylie's Mimi came over to pick her up. Poor Rylie has really not gotten a lot of one-on-one attention lately like she's used to. So thankfully Mimi took her to her house for some playtime with Mimi & Gaga. She had so much fun!

While she was out David & I decided last-minute to catch the new movie "Just Go With It" with Adam Sandler & Jennifer Aniston. It was a great, funny movie! Then we had an awesome dinner at Sharky's! I cant remember the last time I was that excited about a meal. It was the best boiled fish, steamed veggies, coleslaw, and caesar salad ever! I couldnt stop talking about it all night lol

Sunday Rylie came home & we just caught up on laundry & did heavy house cleaning. We had decided awhile back not to do anything for Valentine's day this year. I didnt even buy Rylie cards to give to her friends. We just dont need a single thing right now so I didnt want to waste money on junk to take up more room around the house or on candy we didnt need. lol

I did make some heart-shaped muffins for breakfast though! When I gave Rylie a muffin Monday morning she said "Aww! How special!"

Unfortunately we didnt have a smooth Valentine's Day on Monday. Rylie was late for school because I had an awful bloody nose (it's a pregnancy symptom!) Seriously tried to contain it for over 20 minutes. Crazy! Then her school party was at 1030. Minutes before I arrived for that, Rylie fell on the playground at school & hit her mouth pretty hard.

She was sitting with an ice bag when I arrived. Two of her front top teeth were bleeding pretty bad. Her teacher said she was a trooper & barely cried for a few seconds. She wasnt herself though & didnt want any treats at the party. I asked if she wanted to stay for the dance & she said she wanted to go home so we left early. I'm so bummed she had a rough morning & had to miss her Valentine dance. =( I got such cute videos from it last year & was looking forward to it this year.

We came home & colored & she bounced back pretty quick & finally ate some yogurt. A cute story though-Rylie asked to see the baby in my belly & I said when baby grows you'll be able to see baby kick in my tummy. And she said "because it has little shoes on!" haha! I love her cute perception of things!

So that was what we've been up to this weekend & Valentine's day. Probably boring to most of yall, but I wanted to document it all for our memory! Hope you all had a sweet Valentine's day!


Rosie said...

That is by far, THE coolest idea for a party I've seen in forever! It's even something you can do in your own home. Yep, I'm stealing that in the future. lol.
I really want to go see "Just Go with it" esp. now that you say it's great :)
And Rylie's shoe comment is super cute.

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

What a fun birthday party! Hope you and Rylie are feeling better!

~Shelly~ said...

What a cool party! I wish we had places like that here :/
Hope Rylie's mouth is doing better.