Thursday, February 24, 2011

BBQ Playground with Friends

Today Rylie & I met some friends for lunch at a local BBQ place that has an outdoor playground too! Rylie kept saying all morning "I'm SO excited to go playground & see my friends!" It's been such nice weather lately we broke out some new Spring wardrobe today & SANDALS! (She also had to put her sunglasses on her shirt "like Daddy")   =)

We got there early & Rylie couldnt contain herself any longer so she started playing.

I actually took photos today since I've been slacking lately!

So excited to be at a playground again that's not our backyard! lol

Our lil gymnast in the making ;-)

Then her friends Jaiden, Maggie, Raegan, and Charlotte arrived & we got our food & the kids just played right by our table! (That's Raegen aka Snow White climbing the rock wall in her heels! Impressive!)

It was nice they just ran back, took a few bites, and play some more! Julee & Sharon both had their little ones with them so it was nice to just sit & chill with them while the big kids could run around all they wanted! I have a feeling this is what I'll be doing a lot come this Fall!

The only photo I caught Jaiden in! lol We had such a fun time getting out today & I actually put on makeup! Haha! Both Rylie & I were worn out when we got home! We'll definitely have to do this again while the weather's still nice!


Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

To cute! I need to buy Savi some summer clothes with all this warm weather:)

Veronika said...

She is so cute :)