Tuesday, February 8, 2011

All the Details!

Thank you everyone for your sweet words about our exciting announcement! We could not be more thrilled!! This has honestly been almost 2 years in the making and we just didnt expect it to take that long. I still cant believe we're finally blessed again!

A lot of yall have been asking me questions, so here goes! (This post will be really long by the way) Here's what we've been up to the past month.

January 5, 2011
Positive pregnancy test! I'd already had 1 negative test the week before and didnt want to get my hopes up about anything different later on. (I'd already had quite a few negatives tests in the past when I'd just known I was pregnant but was disappointed). So imagine my excitement when I finally saw the + sign early that morning! I actually thought I had a bladder infection because I was already getting up in the middle of the night to pee! Haha!

So I immediately woke Rylie & whispered to her she was going to be a big sister (I wanted her to be the first to know) but I didnt want to say too much about it in case she'd tell everyone! Then I took her to school & finally had a day I'd been dreaming about for a long time. The day I would buy Rylie a "Big Sister" tshirt. I also bought David a present for him to open to tell him he was going to be a daddy again. I always wanted to do that with our 1st pregnancy but he was with me when we found out about Rylie on the way, so this time I finally got to surprise him!

And boy was he surprised! =)

(This was the ONLY thing I could find that had "Daddy" written on it too lol)

I also bought Rylie a book called "I'm a Big Sister" which she was excited to open (she didnt know the title of it). This isnt the best picture, but I LOVE the smile on her face!

And her first big sister shirt! She's seriously goin to have a million of these I'm sure! I cant stop buying them lol

Such a great day!

(I was trying to make a heart with my hands on my belly but I was too excited & didnt do a great job lol)

So immediately that night I started reading "Belly Laughs" again by Jenny McCarthy and started laying on my belly allllll the time (something I seriously missed when I got big with Rylie) while I still can and made my 1st doctor's appointment for February 3. So we planned the weekend of February 5-6 to tell my parents & David's parents when we'd know how far along we were & all that. Well then I started getting very sick on January 13 so I called to see if I could get a prescription. They told me to come on in for my 1st appointment, so we ended up having that on January 21. We found out we're due September 11! (Not the best day, but oh well) My doctor did deny me prescription for nausea though & told me to take vitamin B6 first.

And in the past few weeks Rylie's been getting practice being a big sister, I've been watching cute pregnancy movies like "Father of the Bride II," wearing all my skinny clothes while I still could, bought Rylie a "Big Sibling Book" journal, and bought myself a pregnancy journal (I really regret not having one with my 1st pregnancy with Rylie). I have also been reading "Eating Well When Expecting" which has helped a lot!

So even though we moved our doctor appointment up, we still had planned on this past weekend telling our parents the good news. So Friday David's mom & Craig came over for dinner (thankfully the icy roads were cleared up in time!) and we gave his mom a tiny gift bag that we said was a Valentine gift. It was a photo frame with a picture of Rylie in it wearing a "Big Sister" shirt!
Love this photo! Mimi and Gaga are very excited!

The photo that was in the frame! LOVE this big sister shirt I ordered from Etsy!

Then Saturday morning we were going to drive up to Waco to surprise my mom. Well I woke up sicker than ever! I couldn't keep anything down. It took 3 hours to finally get some food in me & we headed out finally at 11am. It normally takes us 3 hrs to get there-this time it took over 4. We kept having to stop so my stomach could settle or I could eat a snack. It was so awful. I really went through hell to make it up there, but I was determined I would do this in person! So finally we arrived & had Rylie wearing her Big Sister shirt under her jacket. Then we unbuttoned it & said "Look at Rylie's new shirt."

"Does that mean what I think it does??" lol
She's excited too & was completely surprised. Later on we stopped by to say hi to my sister while she was working. She really wanted to see Rylie & vice versa. So we let Rylie just walk up with her shirt on and got the best picture!

Totally made the trip worth it! =)
I honestly dont know who's more excited-my sister or the grandparents! lol

So we werent able to meet up with my dad while in town, but we called & Rylie got to tell him she's going to be a big sister & they're excited too. We met up with friends Shelly, Jeff, and Kinley for dinner & I just had to tell them in person! It's gonna be weird not having you pregnant with me Shelly! lol (Our daughters were born 3 days apart) Then we headed out back home. Longest.....ride.....ever! I was even more sick. It took about 5 hours and we finally got home about 1am. And when we did my dinner came up (TMI?) but I finally felt better! So Sunday we were supposed to see David's dad & Donna but I still didnt feel good & needed rest & Rylie had allergies. So David went & told them & they're just as thrilled too!

And we finally took the photo yesterday that I've been waiting & planning on taking for a long time! And it took every ounce in me to actually do my hair and makeup. lol

We're currently 9 weeks today and I'm so happy I've only gained 1 lb so far. (I got huge with Rylie!) I'm also so excited I finally got a prescription yesterday for the nausea! So hopefully I'll get some relief from that & we can actually get out of the house again. (I seriously have more admiration for you Julee! Dont know how you did all this in China last Summer!)

 Even through all this sickness though, I really cant stop smiling. =) We really could not be more thrilled! Rylie is ecstatic too of course! She keeps saying she wants a baby brother "like Owen and Charlotte." We will be finding out the sex (should be in April) and have already planned a gender reveal party! (We've had a lot of time to plan all this in the past 2 years lol) We honestly can't decide which we'd prefer more. We'd be happy either way, but it would be more economical and practical to have another girl. Their rooms share a bathroom and we've got so much pink stuff to pass down.

Thanks again for all your sweet comments, emails, texts, etc! I hope to be back into blogging more now that I can finally say what we're really up to ;-)


~Shelly~ said...

Sweet post! Sorry u have been so sick but good to hear u got a RX!! It will be weird not being PG with you! Well, who knows, we just might be (no Im NOT pg now..)! Let me know when the gender reveal party is!

Rosie said...

HOLY CRAP Ashlee!! I had NO idea! I wish I wasn't so busy and was caught up on reading everyone's blog. I have tears in my eyes reading about your pregnancy. This is such exciting news! CONGRATULATIONS!! Can't wait to read about your pregnancy journey. p.s. The only thing that helped my nausea was ginger ale.

The Pifer's said...

So happy for you sweet friend!!!! xoxo

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Yeah! Still so excited! Sept 11th isn't great, but it will mean by far less to our children as they weren't alive when the event happened. Just like Pearl Harbor or some other big event is important to me, but doesn't have the same effect as 9/11. Etc. Anyway CONGRATS! Hope you feel better. Do you want any maternity clothes? I have some and your pregnant the EXACT same time I was.