Monday, February 28, 2011

12 Weeks! (1st Pregnancy Post)

It's my last week of the 1st trimester! I hit the 12 week mark on Saturday. The baby is 2 inches long, the size of a lime, and weighs half an ounce!

So on Saturday we took one of those famous "belly shots" and used my 1st belly sticker my friend Erin sent me! I was pretty good about taking lots of pregnancy pictures with Rylie but since I didnt start this blog until 2 days before Rylie was born I'd like to post comparison pictures of my 1st pregnancy with this one each week. I didnt start taking pregnancy photos then until 15 weeks, so I'll start those later. But I think it'll be fun to see how different these 2 pregnancies are. I'm already much smaller this time around, thank goodness!

So right now I'm about 3 lbs up. I can still button most of my jeans, but usually by dinnertime they're pretty tight! I have never been a low-rise jean kinda girl & love my mid-rise jeans so they'll probably get small on me much quicker. I discovered a few weeks ago the greatest invention of all time-Target's Beband!

This baby is awesome (that's not me in the above photo)! For $16 it holds up all your unbuttoned jeans & is so comfortable! I wish I'd had one the first go around! Highly recommend one of these!

As for symptoms go, this pregnancy has been right on target the exact same as the first one! Only difference was the 2 nosebleeds I had on Valentine's Day & I havent had anymore since. I had the sore chest & nausea temporarily. I've had headaches and been extremely tired. My sense of smell is incredible. I have had some insomnia but half a Unisom every night has helped. I've gotten up 1-2 times every night to pee since the day I found out we were pregnant. I dont remember having that this early with Rylie but it's probably because my uterus is bigger this time? My food cravings are a little different but it's just a different time in my life & I eat differently now. I've been crying at the drop of hat and as you read previously, been losing my mind a lot! lol Mostly I'm just a lot calmer this time & still can't stop smiling!

I go in this Wednesday for an ultrasound to check for down syndrome. We did this with Rylie & I know everybody has their own opinions on this test. It's just something we personally wanted to do. I will be buying the DVD of the ultrasound though since David can't make it to the appointment so hopefully I'll have some great shots to post on here after! I have to bring Rylie with me by myself hopefully it all goes well! haha


Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

We did this too! Also most of those docs can take a gander at the sex. I know you won't share just yet, but how exciting if he shares with you a guess. They say they are usually about 80% correct. My doc was right both times!!

Veronika said...

Aren't those belly bands amazing!
I never had one my first time around but I got one during my second too, and loved it!
You will love having the sonogram on DVD. I like to watch mine ocassionally still!

Veronika said...

By the way, I voted girl on your poll :)

Mark, Nichelle, and Elijah said...

Congrats! I'm just a little ahead of you - 16 weeks tomorrow... another August birth for us!

During my first pregnancy I "made" my own belly bands, believe it or not out of some old tube tops I had somehow hung onto since long before my mommy days. They worked pretty well! I feel like I'm pooching out a lot sooner this time, though - already abandoning most of my jeans. Time to get Mark to drag out the maternity-wear!

Best wishes to you as things progress!