Monday, February 28, 2011

12 Weeks! (1st Pregnancy Post)

It's my last week of the 1st trimester! I hit the 12 week mark on Saturday. The baby is 2 inches long, the size of a lime, and weighs half an ounce!

So on Saturday we took one of those famous "belly shots" and used my 1st belly sticker my friend Erin sent me! I was pretty good about taking lots of pregnancy pictures with Rylie but since I didnt start this blog until 2 days before Rylie was born I'd like to post comparison pictures of my 1st pregnancy with this one each week. I didnt start taking pregnancy photos then until 15 weeks, so I'll start those later. But I think it'll be fun to see how different these 2 pregnancies are. I'm already much smaller this time around, thank goodness!

So right now I'm about 3 lbs up. I can still button most of my jeans, but usually by dinnertime they're pretty tight! I have never been a low-rise jean kinda girl & love my mid-rise jeans so they'll probably get small on me much quicker. I discovered a few weeks ago the greatest invention of all time-Target's Beband!

This baby is awesome (that's not me in the above photo)! For $16 it holds up all your unbuttoned jeans & is so comfortable! I wish I'd had one the first go around! Highly recommend one of these!

As for symptoms go, this pregnancy has been right on target the exact same as the first one! Only difference was the 2 nosebleeds I had on Valentine's Day & I havent had anymore since. I had the sore chest & nausea temporarily. I've had headaches and been extremely tired. My sense of smell is incredible. I have had some insomnia but half a Unisom every night has helped. I've gotten up 1-2 times every night to pee since the day I found out we were pregnant. I dont remember having that this early with Rylie but it's probably because my uterus is bigger this time? My food cravings are a little different but it's just a different time in my life & I eat differently now. I've been crying at the drop of hat and as you read previously, been losing my mind a lot! lol Mostly I'm just a lot calmer this time & still can't stop smiling!

I go in this Wednesday for an ultrasound to check for down syndrome. We did this with Rylie & I know everybody has their own opinions on this test. It's just something we personally wanted to do. I will be buying the DVD of the ultrasound though since David can't make it to the appointment so hopefully I'll have some great shots to post on here after! I have to bring Rylie with me by myself hopefully it all goes well! haha

Friday, February 25, 2011

I'm losing my mind

I remember having "expecting brain" with Rylie, but I dont remember it being this bad. Maybe because I wasnt chasing after an active 3 year old at that time. I dont know what it is, but I feel like I'm completely losing it lately! Here are some "expecting brain" moments I've had the past few weeks:

*I ordered 100 Avon books instead of 10. Luckily they let me return the extra 90!

*Then the next order I forgot to order ANY books! So everyone will have to order online this time I guess.

*I keep leaving food out of the refrigerator & come back home hours later to spoiled food like a half gallon of milk. This one really drives me crazy because I loathe wasting things & organic milk isnt cheap!

*I completely forgot I had a Dr appointment yesterday afternoon. Not a prenatal appointment, just another Dr visit. Completely forgot. I still think they could've called me though.

*I also forgot I signed up to bring a MOPS mom dinner Monday night (Ok, this was Wednesday night! I dont even know what day it is lol). Thankfully the coordinator sent me a last-minute reminder THREE HOURS before the dinner was due. So much for Rylie getting a nap-we had to run to the store to buy ingredients, get home & cook dinner, and get it to their house just in time!

*And of course I have been awful at remembering to write people back on emails or return phone calls. And I'll be lucky to remember to put our clothes in the dryer in the same day I put them in the washer. lol

I've seriously been so scatter-brained lately & it's not like me at all. It's so frustrating! I havent had a vacation in almost 2 years and I sure could use one right about now! lol I dont mean to sound like I'm just complaining & whining. I really LOVE being pregnant. It's just frustrating losing my mind at times. Guess I should get used to it though huh? =)

(And I call it "expecting brain" because I've known a few Mommies who had these moments during the final stages of adoption. It's not just for preggers!)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

BBQ Playground with Friends

Today Rylie & I met some friends for lunch at a local BBQ place that has an outdoor playground too! Rylie kept saying all morning "I'm SO excited to go playground & see my friends!" It's been such nice weather lately we broke out some new Spring wardrobe today & SANDALS! (She also had to put her sunglasses on her shirt "like Daddy")   =)

We got there early & Rylie couldnt contain herself any longer so she started playing.

I actually took photos today since I've been slacking lately!

So excited to be at a playground again that's not our backyard! lol

Our lil gymnast in the making ;-)

Then her friends Jaiden, Maggie, Raegan, and Charlotte arrived & we got our food & the kids just played right by our table! (That's Raegen aka Snow White climbing the rock wall in her heels! Impressive!)

It was nice they just ran back, took a few bites, and play some more! Julee & Sharon both had their little ones with them so it was nice to just sit & chill with them while the big kids could run around all they wanted! I have a feeling this is what I'll be doing a lot come this Fall!

The only photo I caught Jaiden in! lol We had such a fun time getting out today & I actually put on makeup! Haha! Both Rylie & I were worn out when we got home! We'll definitely have to do this again while the weather's still nice!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We've Been Busy

We've had a lot going on lately! We've completely emptied Rylie's playroom and all her toys are in her bedroom now. We also ordered her big-girl bedding awhile back & it's arrived. We just need to get a new mattress & convert her toddler bed to the full size. Rylie's really excited about her new "big girl" room! She's really needed the bigger bed for awhile. It's just taken us awhile to get to it.

empty playroom =(

We also had our 2nd prenatal doctor appointment on Friday afternoon. We have switched doctors since our 1st appointment & I'm really happy. The appointment went well & Rylie was excited to hear baby's heartbeat (as were David & I)! She kept asking "can I see baby again?!" since she saw baby at our 1st appointment. We're 11 weeks now as of Saturday (so 11 1/2 I guess now) and should know the gender in 9 weeks!

On Saturday we took Rylie to the Woodlands for a haircut which was desperately needed! We have contemplated for awhile now on getting her a cute bob since her hair's getting soooo long lately. But she said she didnt want it cut short or her bangs trimmed so we're going to grow them out! (the picture above is before haircut!)
After haircut we took her to Build-A-Bear. She got a giftcard for Christmas & wanted to buy her Princess bear she made on her 1st birthday a new outfit.  So now her bear's styling a new Cinderella dress!

Additionally we've also been busy getting Rylie signed up at a new preschool! She's going to do a Summer camp at this new school & start part-time in the Fall as well. We have no problem with where she's going now. It's just a whole long story as to why we're switching that I wont bore you with! And I've had MOPS, taking dinners to new mommies, and usual housework going on. I promise Rylie hasnt just been sitting at home doing nothing! We've still had a few lunch dates & she's been playing a lot with our neighbor friends & still going to dance. I just havent been taking many photos lately! I promise I'm trying to get better. I'm almost over this exhausted-not-feeling-great phase! =)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Lunch with Mimi

Yesterday Rylie & I had a fun little outting to visit her Mimi at her office!
Rylie was put straight to work. Ha! She loves visiting Mimi's office & all her coworkers who have watched her grow up.

Then we walked over to the Galleria for a girls' lunch!

On our way back to the office we passed the train in the Galleria & Rylie really wanted to ride on it, so Mimi bought her a ticket! She's really into trains right now!

Look at her excited face! Since she's so short I had to ride with her. We were the only passengers!

It was actually quite a long train ride around that section of the mall & when it was over Rylie begged to ride again. We told her next time! Then she started asking to go back to the zoo to ride that train. lol

It was a fun afternoon getting out of the house & visiting with her Mimi. Rylie was so sad to head back home & said before bed last night the favorite part of her day was visiting Mimi's office. =)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cady's Birthday Party & Valentine's Day

I've really been trying to blog more often but I've just still been in this exhausted stage! The book "What to Expect When You're Expecting" says it best with this "...a pregnant woman's body is still working harder even when she's resting than a man's body is while mountain climbing." So I've been napping in the afternoon while Rylie is napping & still going to bed around 8pm every night. What little time I do have free I've been catching up on laundry or cleaning house. Hopefully I'll be back around with energy again soon!

In the meantime, here's a catch up on things from this weekend! Saturday was Rylie's friend Cady's 3rd birthday party. It was a Chef party where the kids got to cook/bake all on their own. I let David do all this with her & take photos while I sat back & watched (I was really dizzy this day anyway & couldnt do much). So here's some cute photos David took! I had to post all 1000 of them. lol

They first colored their own aprons & chef hats. Then listened to the master chefs explain what they were going to do.

They were divided into 2 teams-cupcake & icing. Rylie was in the icing team! 

They got to each put a scoop of the mix into the bowl.

Rylie & Jaiden excited about their icing!

Then they divided the icing up into bowls to color.

Rylie & Charlotte took turns helping each other mix some yellow frosting.

Then the kids got to make their own pizzas. Rylie rolled her dough out by herself.

Then they scooped sauce on. Next they added their toppings they liked.

Rylie decided to sneak a pepperoni! "What? We cant eat these yet?"

While the pizzas baked & the cupcakes finished the kids took turns helping make lemonade.

Then the pizzas were ready! They ate their pizzas & drank their drinks.

Then they put icing on their cupcakes.

And then they sang "Happy Birthday!" Love this look on Cady's face!

Watching Cady blow her candle out. Then they ate their cupcakes.

Then we were all getting ready to go & Rylie was hugging & saying bye to her friends. She was really excited to see them all there! She seriously hadnt seen any of them since December! She kept hugging Kendall a lot since she hadnt seen her since October.

Then the girls held hands & started dancing around (they're all in dance class obviously!). I had to take a few pictures from Kendall's Mommy since ours were blurry.

Singing "Ring Around The Rosy"

Cute girls! They were having so much fun it was hard to break up the dancing & singing!

More hugs!

When we finally got home Rylie's Mimi came over to pick her up. Poor Rylie has really not gotten a lot of one-on-one attention lately like she's used to. So thankfully Mimi took her to her house for some playtime with Mimi & Gaga. She had so much fun!

While she was out David & I decided last-minute to catch the new movie "Just Go With It" with Adam Sandler & Jennifer Aniston. It was a great, funny movie! Then we had an awesome dinner at Sharky's! I cant remember the last time I was that excited about a meal. It was the best boiled fish, steamed veggies, coleslaw, and caesar salad ever! I couldnt stop talking about it all night lol

Sunday Rylie came home & we just caught up on laundry & did heavy house cleaning. We had decided awhile back not to do anything for Valentine's day this year. I didnt even buy Rylie cards to give to her friends. We just dont need a single thing right now so I didnt want to waste money on junk to take up more room around the house or on candy we didnt need. lol

I did make some heart-shaped muffins for breakfast though! When I gave Rylie a muffin Monday morning she said "Aww! How special!"

Unfortunately we didnt have a smooth Valentine's Day on Monday. Rylie was late for school because I had an awful bloody nose (it's a pregnancy symptom!) Seriously tried to contain it for over 20 minutes. Crazy! Then her school party was at 1030. Minutes before I arrived for that, Rylie fell on the playground at school & hit her mouth pretty hard.

She was sitting with an ice bag when I arrived. Two of her front top teeth were bleeding pretty bad. Her teacher said she was a trooper & barely cried for a few seconds. She wasnt herself though & didnt want any treats at the party. I asked if she wanted to stay for the dance & she said she wanted to go home so we left early. I'm so bummed she had a rough morning & had to miss her Valentine dance. =( I got such cute videos from it last year & was looking forward to it this year.

We came home & colored & she bounced back pretty quick & finally ate some yogurt. A cute story though-Rylie asked to see the baby in my belly & I said when baby grows you'll be able to see baby kick in my tummy. And she said "because it has little shoes on!" haha! I love her cute perception of things!

So that was what we've been up to this weekend & Valentine's day. Probably boring to most of yall, but I wanted to document it all for our memory! Hope you all had a sweet Valentine's day!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dance Class & Madison's Birthday

Rylie had a good dance class on Tuesday. I finally felt relief from nausea & for the first time in a month I felt prepared Tuesday morning!

Rylie's dance teacher asked who knew how to hop like a frog & of course Rylie volunteered to show the class! Then she showed us all evening at home too!

After a sweet dance class her & her dance friends headed to McDonalds nearby for one of the girls' birthday!

Rylie & her dance friends (Charlotte couldnt make it & looks like Paulina wasnt there yet). Hard to get 4 little ones to look at the camera when there's cooler things around to look at! haha It was Madison's 4th birthday (in the purple Tinkerbell dress in the middle) and Rylie's been talking about it for weeks!

This McDonalds is really big & has a party room in the back which is so cool! I had no idea this existed here!

Rylie's just started getting into Tinkerbell lately with her 1 movie she's got so she was excited about a Tinkerbell party to attend! And of course shouted to everybody "there's choc-late cupcakes!" hehe

Right next to the party room is this huge play area for the kids. The place was empty so it was nice we had it to ourselves! Perfect place for a rainy day lunch with friends so the kids can play too!

After some play time the kiddos got their happy meals!

Then we sang Happy Birthday & got cupcakes (Rylie decided to sing it 3 times while we were there though) It's her favorite song!

Then Madison opened her presents!

She liked the butterfly barbie Rylie insisted on getting for her!

I did nothing but rest yesterday after a not good night sleep Tuesday night. We had more cold weather today, but I actually had slept good for the first time in a month last night & had energy so we ventured out to the mall & saw our friends Tiffany & Carter there & had lunch at Chick Fil-A. We weren't going for anything specific-just wanted to get out & walk around.

I ended up getting these 2 cute shirts from Motherhood though. I know it's way early to be buying maternity shirts but I've been eyeing these online for awhile now & there were only 2 left in the store so I knew they wouldn't be there for long. I bought them loose-fitting though so they'll fit through the Summer. We're 10 weeks next Tuesday & happy for the warmer weather coming next week too!

(PS Eventually I'll get this blog updated with a new look & not so Christmas-y but with all this talk of snow & sleet & 20 degree weather, I havent been in any hurry! lol)