Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I've never linked up on this before but I felt like I had a lot of things to be happy about today, so here's my "What I'm Loving" with Jamie things on this Wednesday afternoon!

For starters, it's the 2nd day it's been sunny & slightly warmer this week. Rylie finally got to play outside at school today & we're planning to play out with friends this afternoon! I usually prefer rainy days but we've just had so many of them lately & they're not fun with an energetic 3 year old!

I had lunch today with a MOPS Mom friend of mine at Panera. I havent been there in awhile & it was still chilly out earlier so the soup for lunch really warmed me up! Forgot how much I love that place.

I'm really loving that none of us are sick right now {knock on wood!} because it seems everybody I've talked to lately is sick. Our neighbor Sharon who had baby Lauren last week had a house of flu lately & our good friends Susan & her 2 boys are all sick. I keep seeing friends on Facebook as well posting their ailments. =/ Hopefully we're missing it this time & everybody will recover soon!

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Stephanie said...

Thank you for stopping by, Ashlee!

And yum, to Panera! My favorite is the chicken and wild rice soup -- which sadly they only seam to serve on days that I don't go. Oh well.

Oh and new follower!