Friday, January 7, 2011

Return to Mops & Play with Carter

Today I returned to MOPS for the Spring session. I was so glad to be back & see everybody again! We made picture frames today & I decided to make this Family one-didnt mean it to look
"Valentine-y." I just like the red paper the most.

After Rylie's nap today I surprised her with telling her that her friend Carter was coming over to play! So she got herself all ready at her vanity in her room that Aunt Lana gave her for Christmas! 

She loves sitting here & "doing her hair/makeup." Ignore her crazy pigtails!
Carter & Rylie had so much fun playing. They're both really into baby dolls right now.

And they were both playing with the kitchen & dishes together.

Carter was so cute & kept putting this spoon in this cup

And then "feeding" baby with the spoon! I love that "little Mommy" phase!

She also loved Rylie's purses! I cant believe how big our friend Carter's getting!

They both still love blocks too! Rylie was so happy to have her friend over today. It'd been awhile since we'd seen them.

I'll be honest, it took us this whole week to get Christmas put away! It's finally all outta here! It's my birthday this weekend so we've got some little plans ahead. Mostly just wanting to relax now that everything "holiday" is over! Ha! And we're excited about a huge cold front coming! I love cold weather!

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EMonaghan said...

Yay for your birthday! Have a great day!