Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Return to Dance & A Recital!

Rylie returned to dance class yesterday!
She woke up saying "I'm a little hopper! Watch me Mommy!" And hopped around her room in her jammies. She was excited to go back to class! She got this pink umbrella with a giftcard for Christmas & used it for the 1st time yesterday. It was pretty drizzly off & on. She loves having her own umbrella, although she calls it her "big candy cane." lol

I forgot to bring my camera to class yesterday so I took one photo through the window with my cell to see if it'd turn out. Blurry, but cute. See Rylie's front foot pointed as she jumps? Love it! And we found out yesterday Rylie's class will be doing the recital this May!

Here's the costume they ordered! The blue/green one in the middle. So save the date Houston family for Saturday, May 14 for Rylie's recital! Should be about 1 or 2pm. We're so excited & you know there will be video & lots of pictures from it!

I also want to mention, today is 3 years to the day Casey went home to heaven. Please think of her parents & family today & keep them in your prayers! She is forever missed.


~Shelly~ said...

Ahhh that first picture is soo cute! Hehe!
Aw her 1st dance recital :) Cute!

Rosie said...

"big candy cane"...priceless!
Oh how I love recital time. I grew up doing all that and it's so much fun. Make sure to take her a flower(or bouquet) to give her afterwards. She'll be so excited!

Ashlee McCrary said...

Oh thanks Rosie! I would've forgotten to buy her flowers. lol That's a good idea!