Sunday, January 2, 2011

Kicking in the New Year

Well, we're just starting to take down Christmas today! Last year I think I had it all down the day after. lol

My aunt Valerie & uncle Keith came to visit us last Wednesday night & Thursday so we wanted to leave Christmas up for them to see. Rylie loved showing them everything!

Then on New Years' Eve David had the day off so we headed to Katy Mills mall for some great sales!

I got myself an early birthday present at the Coach factory that I'm so excited about! It was my first ever Coach purchase ;-) and we took Rylie to eat at the Rainforest Cafe.

Later that night we got together with our neighbors Laurie, Chad, Jaiden, and Maggie

The kids loved doing the poppers this year

But only Rylie was interested in doing the sparklers. We watched a lot of other people shooting big fireworks though. Rylie was so funny. She was kinda scared of them, but trying not to be, so she kept "comforting" me instead as if I was the one scared of them. lol

Then we came inside & I gave Rylie a mani/pedi with her new Piggy Paints set her Mimi got her for Christmas. She loves having her nails done & I havent dont them in forever! Then she crawled in my lap & asked me to read her a book. By page 3 she was asleep. Just 15 minutes til midnight! So David & I toasted in the New Year by ourselves.

New Year's Day we all slept in & then took Rylie to the Woodlands ice skating like last year! First we ate an amazing lunch at one of our new favorite places, BJ's Restaurant. They just opened a new one in the Woodlands & we stuffed ourselves FULL.

Rylie was so excited to ice skate! I thought she'd be big enough to wear the real ice skates this year, but her feet are just slightly too small.

She wanted to skate on her own so we got her a walker & she did great! She loved it! We stayed almost the full 2 hour session & then Mommy & Daddy were too tired to go anymore.

Rylie & I made it to church this morning while David had to work at his downtown. And we've just been slowing getting Christmas put away. Might take us awhile though. It's always more work taking it down than putting it up!

So what are yalls resolutions? I have a few goals like of course eating better & cooking at home more. We're also slowing switching to organic & I grocery-shopped for the first time today buying organic. Took me forever! lol I kept stopping to read labels & find the organic stuff located in different aisles. But I'll get used to it soon I hope. My good friend Susan has been a great influence & is helping me out with all that. I also have a goal (that I've actually already started a few months ago) of not getting online as much. I rarely get on Facebook anymore already. I'll still make it a priority to blog though since this is preserving our family memories, but I'm not going to be Facebooking or surfing the web as much anymore. Another goal for this year is to focus more on my family. Sometimes I put too much effort into other people & honestly it's been a waste sometimes. I'm going to just take some steps back & focus on David & Rylie & our home this year. Hopefully 2011 will be great!


Rosie said...

Glad you had a happy New Year!

~Shelly~ said...

Great pic of Val & Keith.. we have that same ornament right over Keiths head with the family of snowmen :) It was for Kinley's 1st C-mas! HAPPY NEW YEAR!