Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hanging Out at Home

We've not been up to much blog-worthy this week. Rylie came home from school Monday not acting like her self. She didnt eat lunch at school & asked to go straight to bed for nap. Then she came downstairs & said "I want Mommy." So I let her lay in my bed & she napped for an hour. Then still didnt want dinner that night & had a low fever. It went away in an hour though. So we stayed home from dance Tuesday just to be safe. Especially this time of year & with Charlotte's new baby brother at dance class, we didnt want to take any chances if Rylie was getting a virus! I'll never understand why some people take their kids out with fevers & such just to spread their sickness. Well all day Tuesday Rylie was back to her old self and eating fine. Never had a fever again.

Wednesday Rylie was still better so she went back to school. She had a good day, although they did a fire drill & that's all she talked about the rest of the day! She ate a huge lunch & took a great nap. Then she played outside with her neighbor friends for awhile. These pictures are before we headed out & she was all bundled up!

It's been high of 48 all this week! So that's another reason we've just been cooped up in the house this week. I made a really good pork roast stew in the crockpot on Monday & we've been eating leftovers. Perfect for this cold weather!

This is not a good picture of me, but I love Rylie's smile in it!
We dont have anything going on today either so we're just staying warm some more & doing housework! We love our Thursdays of nothing planned! Hope you're staying warm & having a good week!


Julee Casey said...

We appreciate responsible mothers like you! Glad Rylie is feeling better!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Such a cute hat!