Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bike Ride with Owen

Monday afternoon Rylie & I met up with our friends Owen, Ethan, & miss Susan for a walk around our neighborhood lake.

On their bikes & ready to go! (The sun was bright in their eyes)

First they rode the bikes to a little playground & played for awhile.

Then they headed on around the lake. Owen is a FAST bike rider! Rylie's never been off our sidewalk on hers lol so she was quite a bit behind him. See Owen on the dock way in front of Rylie waiting for her to catch up? Ha!

Then they stopped to visit the ducks for a bit

Rylie had to wave & say hi to each one

Then they were off again! It was so nice to get out of the house after all this 40-degree weather & then all the rain we've had lately. We did return to dance class yesterday but I didnt take pictures. We've only got 1 more day of semi-nice weather & then it's more rain & back in the 40's again!

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Susan said...

LOVE the pic of the kids hanging on top of the slide! :)