Friday, January 28, 2011

My Little Sunshine

She sings this all the time!

Happy weekend everybody!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I've never linked up on this before but I felt like I had a lot of things to be happy about today, so here's my "What I'm Loving" with Jamie things on this Wednesday afternoon!

For starters, it's the 2nd day it's been sunny & slightly warmer this week. Rylie finally got to play outside at school today & we're planning to play out with friends this afternoon! I usually prefer rainy days but we've just had so many of them lately & they're not fun with an energetic 3 year old!

I had lunch today with a MOPS Mom friend of mine at Panera. I havent been there in awhile & it was still chilly out earlier so the soup for lunch really warmed me up! Forgot how much I love that place.

I'm really loving that none of us are sick right now {knock on wood!} because it seems everybody I've talked to lately is sick. Our neighbor Sharon who had baby Lauren last week had a house of flu lately & our good friends Susan & her 2 boys are all sick. I keep seeing friends on Facebook as well posting their ailments. =/ Hopefully we're missing it this time & everybody will recover soon!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Preschool-Semester One

I thought I'd do a little update on Rylie's school progress since she's finished "semester one" of preschool. I meant to have this posted right after Christmas but time got away from me! I'm including some of her recent school work & art projects too (my personal favorite thing about her going to preschool lol).

She's started working on writing numbers & letters. There's a few she can write on her own freehand.

They sing this song about the sounds letters make. She can now say the sound each letter A-H makes if you ask her.

(I dont know why this uploaded sideways? But here's her beginning to trace her name back in October.)

She knows the days of the week & still sometimes wants to mix up Wed & Fri. She's learning the months of the year right now. She says it so fast it usually comes out like "January, Fe-wuary, March, Ar, May, June,{mumbling}, September, October, November, December.

She can count to 29. I say 29 because she gets to 29 & then says 20 again. lol Once we tell her it's 30, she then counts to 39.

She knows & tells us the weather outside on any given day. I dont remember when she started with this, but she just recently started telling us "it not sunny, it's cloudy."

She still loves her school & tells me everyday her favorite thing she did was play outside & play with her friends. She's still not a good school eater (they make the food up there) because they're very healthy meals (which is great) but Rylie wont eat wheat bread, so even if it's her favorite grilled cheese sandwich, if it's on wheat, she tries to pick the cheese off it.

Improvement on tracing her name in December!

She knows that she goes to school on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays and has dance on Tuesdays. And when she wakes up every morning she knows what day it is & where she's going.

And a few other non-school related things Rylie's up to lately:

-Started getting into Tinkerbell & My Little Pony. She's had both the movies since she was one but never cared for them before. I think she just likes having something different to watch. She still requests Bob & Ariel & Casper at times too!
-She's still having a hard time coming off the "Christmas cloud" & asks almost every day where Santa is & her Elf "Dina" and where our tree is lol
-She's a very politically correct girl & will not hesitate to correct you on something.
-She LOVES her Ariel pj's that Grandma & Aunt Sarah gave her for Christmas & asks for them every night. It's always "I wanna wear jammies Grandma & Aunt Sarah gave me!" =)
-I talked to her on the phone a few days ago while she was at Mimi's & she sounded sooo grown up! Does she always sound that grown up on the phone? I never know, I never talk to her over the phone!
-She just loves her puzzles & baby dolls right now more than anything! Oh & her Thomas Train she got for Christmas! Favorite toys right now by far. (Her police car is also top of the list but she hasnt been on it in weeks due to weather)
-We've had some problems the past few months with her not napping & instead getting out of her toddler bed & playing in her room. We thought maybe she was starting to outgrow her naps? Then one day I really needed her to nap so I turned her toddler bed around to face the wall so she couldnt get out. She went right to sleep for the longest nap like she used to always take & you know what, we havent had a single tantrum since I've done that. She's back to napping great & is a much more happier girl now. She's always done great sleeping at night, but naps were getting bad. We're going to transition her bed to the full size version of it soon because I think she's just getting too smooshed in the toddler size right now. I think she'll be happier with a bigger bed.
-I wasnt feeling good last week with this weather & after I ate dinner I told David I wanted to go to bed & Rylie came over & sat by me on the floor & said "Do you need something, Mommy?" I said "No thank you sweetie." And she just put her arm around me & started patting my back. It was so sweet!
-She tells me all the time she loves her friends, and school, and dance class, and family, and certain toys.
-She is just genuinely a very sweet girl who's considerate of others & loves to be a big helper! I'm loving this stage we're at!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bike Ride with Owen

Monday afternoon Rylie & I met up with our friends Owen, Ethan, & miss Susan for a walk around our neighborhood lake.

On their bikes & ready to go! (The sun was bright in their eyes)

First they rode the bikes to a little playground & played for awhile.

Then they headed on around the lake. Owen is a FAST bike rider! Rylie's never been off our sidewalk on hers lol so she was quite a bit behind him. See Owen on the dock way in front of Rylie waiting for her to catch up? Ha!

Then they stopped to visit the ducks for a bit

Rylie had to wave & say hi to each one

Then they were off again! It was so nice to get out of the house after all this 40-degree weather & then all the rain we've had lately. We did return to dance class yesterday but I didnt take pictures. We've only got 1 more day of semi-nice weather & then it's more rain & back in the 40's again!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kate's 2nd Birthday

Saturday afternoon we took Rylie to this sweet girl Kate's 2nd birthday party!

She had an Ariel party too & Rylie was so excited to have "Ariel cake" again lol

Her party was at this big bounce-house place & Rylie had a blast

Daddy & Rylie jumping on the big pillow

Rylie's always going after the boys lol She asked where AJ (Kate's older brother) was the whole time we were there! Then she was happy to lay some hugs on him.

Making a wish!

Rylie & miss Kate! Thanks for inviting us to your party! Rylie really loved coming!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hanging Out at Home

We've not been up to much blog-worthy this week. Rylie came home from school Monday not acting like her self. She didnt eat lunch at school & asked to go straight to bed for nap. Then she came downstairs & said "I want Mommy." So I let her lay in my bed & she napped for an hour. Then still didnt want dinner that night & had a low fever. It went away in an hour though. So we stayed home from dance Tuesday just to be safe. Especially this time of year & with Charlotte's new baby brother at dance class, we didnt want to take any chances if Rylie was getting a virus! I'll never understand why some people take their kids out with fevers & such just to spread their sickness. Well all day Tuesday Rylie was back to her old self and eating fine. Never had a fever again.

Wednesday Rylie was still better so she went back to school. She had a good day, although they did a fire drill & that's all she talked about the rest of the day! She ate a huge lunch & took a great nap. Then she played outside with her neighbor friends for awhile. These pictures are before we headed out & she was all bundled up!

It's been high of 48 all this week! So that's another reason we've just been cooped up in the house this week. I made a really good pork roast stew in the crockpot on Monday & we've been eating leftovers. Perfect for this cold weather!

This is not a good picture of me, but I love Rylie's smile in it!
We dont have anything going on today either so we're just staying warm some more & doing housework! We love our Thursdays of nothing planned! Hope you're staying warm & having a good week!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Quarter of a Century

Yesterday was my 25th birthday! We woke up with a huge cold front & I loved it!
David bought me some beautiful roses & a little cake that was just perfect.

David's Mom brought Rylie home & we went to a yummy brunch. Rylie was dressed up so cute & behaved so well the whole time. Such a big girl now.

Then we went back home & I opened my cards & gifts. Rylie helped of course ;-)

David's card to me looked yummy! Ha!

LOVE my new food tray! Cant wait to host something now & use this!

And I got my cookbook I've wanted since July! I seriously looked at every recipe in here already & want to make it all!

Rylie got to show Mimi her driving skills too while it wasnt raining. Then it was nap time!

I had a really great day & really appreciated all the FB comments, and texts, cards, and calls from everyone! I feel so blessed to have so many sweet friends in my life & my sweet family who all made my day special!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Savannah's Party & A Birthday Date

Yesterday was Rylie's friend Savannah's 3rd birthday party!

Rylie & the birthday girl
She had a cute "Princess/Prince" party & the kids dressed up.

Owen was a handsome prince & Kate was a beautiful Belle! 

Baby Hadley & Grayson partied hard too ;-)

"Mr. Noodle" from Sesame Street made an appearance & did all kinds of crazy, funny things.

The kids were really into him. Rylie even said "I can be a volunteer!" ha!

After the party Mimi came over so we got a family photo!

Rylie wanted a picture of Ariel too lol

Then David & I took a date night out while Rylie played at Mimi's house. We saw an early movie-"Little Fockers." It was hilarious! Then we had dinner at Red Lobster. I was really wanting my favorite dish & they discontinued it! =( It was still a good meal though & we made it home just before the cold front came in. Couldn't have been a more perfect night.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Return to Mops & Play with Carter

Today I returned to MOPS for the Spring session. I was so glad to be back & see everybody again! We made picture frames today & I decided to make this Family one-didnt mean it to look
"Valentine-y." I just like the red paper the most.

After Rylie's nap today I surprised her with telling her that her friend Carter was coming over to play! So she got herself all ready at her vanity in her room that Aunt Lana gave her for Christmas! 

She loves sitting here & "doing her hair/makeup." Ignore her crazy pigtails!
Carter & Rylie had so much fun playing. They're both really into baby dolls right now.

And they were both playing with the kitchen & dishes together.

Carter was so cute & kept putting this spoon in this cup

And then "feeding" baby with the spoon! I love that "little Mommy" phase!

She also loved Rylie's purses! I cant believe how big our friend Carter's getting!

They both still love blocks too! Rylie was so happy to have her friend over today. It'd been awhile since we'd seen them.

I'll be honest, it took us this whole week to get Christmas put away! It's finally all outta here! It's my birthday this weekend so we've got some little plans ahead. Mostly just wanting to relax now that everything "holiday" is over! Ha! And we're excited about a huge cold front coming! I love cold weather!