Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Wonderful Christmas Day

We had a really great Christmas yesterday! It was really 3 Christmases in one day.

Christmas Eve before going to bed Rylie set out treats for Santa

Cookies, candy cane, cocoa, milk, and carrots & celery for the reindeer

Then we said goodbye to her Elf "Dina" (sitting in the tree under the angel) because Christmas Eve night she goes home with Santa after he stops by. Then we read "The Night Before Christmas" and tucked her in & "Santa" got to work for hours!

Christmas morning!

Rylie must've really persuaded Santa good! lol She's been eyeing this police car for months.

And she finally got the dollhouse I've been eyeing for her since she was born! She loves it! It's the perfect age for her to have it & there's cute little room sets you can buy to go with it but we'll have to wait for the Easter bunny for those ;-) The house came with one basic room set & the family.

She noticed Santa ate his treats!

Then we all did stockings & opened our gifts.

Rylie loves puzzles big-time right now so she was stoked to get a lighthouse one!

Love this show! lol

Rylie needed this! Her own camera so she'll leave ours alone.

My mom started crying when she opened her photo album of all our professional wedding pictures. We barely got the cd of them this Summer (we've been married 3 1/2 years lol) so I made her an album.

Then we headed to Dave's mom's house for Christmas with Rylie's "Mimi", "Gaga" (Craig), and uncle Daniel. Dave's mom also got a wedding photo album. I only did ones for the moms right now since there's a lot of photos of them helping us get ready, etc.

Rylie got some new luggage for hopefully some fun trips in 2011

And her one thing she asked for this Christmas-COOKIES!

David was excited to finally get a power-washer! He did the thumbs-up & said "sweet!"

And Rylie went around copying him! lol Such a little Daddy's girl

After we opened gifts & did stockings we helped get lunch together & ate a good meal.

Then we hung out & watched some movies. My mom brought my old VHS tapes of "Casper's Haunted Christmas" and "Beauty and the Beast: An Enchanted Christmas."

Then we headed to Dave's Dad's house for more Christmas with his Dad, Donna, and stepsister Tiffany

We ate a good dinner & then opened gifts

And visited for awhile. Rylie was soooo out of it by now! She was talking so crazy & not making any sense. She was just crazy tired after a big, exciting day! She fell asleep on our way home around 10:45, but she had no problem getting up about 7am wanting to drive her police car! lol

David had to work at the church this morning so my mom, Rylie, and I went to HEB & got a few groceries this morning. I got started on a crockpot pulled pork recipe that was soooo good while my mom helped Rylie put together a few new toys. Then I just ran around cleaning & putting new things away & starting on laundry. David came home & Rylie finally got to drive her police car outside. I'll post those photos tomorrow. My mom just left & I'm sad Christmas is all over & tomorrow we go back to our usual routines.

Just a side note-this is my 900th blog post! Cant even imagine I've typed that many over the past 3 years. Thanks for reading! =) Hope you all had a great Christmas!!!

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Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Savannah got the SAME dollhouse:) Merry Christmas