Thursday, December 2, 2010

Smiles For Santa

We finally have a happy Santa picture!

After the 2 previous years looked like this!

Rylie was happy to see Santa this morning!

We'd been talking it up all week. She even looked at her photo last year & said "That girl sad. She cry at Santa. I not cry at Santa. I not scared." And she did so great today! What did she tell Santa she wants for Christmas? Cookies! haha!

We had a busy day today. After Santa pics, I changed her clothes & got her haircut at the mall.

And of course rode the carousel. She picked out the kitty one to ride on. Then we did a ton of Christmas shopping, breaked for Chick Fil-A lunch in the mall, drove to another shopping center to do a little more shopping....

And breaked again for ice cream! It was a very successful day!

1 comment:

~Shelly~ said...

Cute! Thats ok, Kinley told Santa she wanted a drink for Cmas! LOL