Sunday, December 19, 2010

School Party & Scrapbooking Night

Rylie had a little Christmas party at her school Friday afternoon! David's mom "Mimi" was getting off work early so she joined us for the party!

Rylie had no idea she was coming & was so excited to see her when she woke up from her nap!

All of Rylie's teachers in this class

She went right for the cupcake immediately! lol It was a cute little party. They read a story then had some snacks.

Then they played outside for a little while. I'd never seen Rylie on the big-girl playground since she's moved to this room because I dont pick her up in the afternoons anymore. So we stayed awhile to let her get some energy burned off! After the party Rylie & her Mimi met up with David for Christmas shopping & dinner.

I hosted a scrapbooking night! I had some cocoa & Christmas treats set up for us. I invited several scrapbooking friends, but only Susan & Sharon could make it. We had fun working on some pages & talking about scrapbooking retreats and great tools to use and different styles of scrapbooking. I'd been looking forward to this for awhile & will probably do this again in the Spring or something. It's great motivation to get my books done! One of my resolutions this past January was to keep up with my 2010 family scrapbook as the year went on & not fall behind. My book lasted til July. lol Mostly because our computer hit the sack so I couldn't get my photos to print. I've got plans for this next year to make it more simple & not fall behind!

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