Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rylie & Owen Visit

We were planning on taking the kids to the Childrens Museum yesterday but it's kind of a long drive & Owen's potty-training so Owen's Mommy Susan invited Rylie over to play instead! They had fun playing inside for awhile & then ate some lunch together. I know it was a big help with Rylie to see friends using the potty while she was training, so hopefully Rylie offered some good moral support for Owen yesterday! After lunch the kids wanted to go outside to play. Rylie said she wanted to "play football like on tv." ha!

So they did!
Owen's like "Rylie, go long!"

Then they wanted to jump around & play in the leaves

This was right before Owen got Rylie with a bunch of leaves! Rylie loved it! They were having so much fun! I got 2 cute video clips with my cell phone too.

Susan got some cute pictures of the kids together as well & I'll post them when she gets them uploaded. Thanks again for having us over!

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