Monday, December 27, 2010

Rylie on Patrol

Yesterday afternoon we got out Rylie's police car for her to drive for the first time!

Her first car! I'll have to compare this photo when she turns 16 or so & gets her first real car!

Getting in!

There she goes!

Daddy videotaped while I took pictures & Grandma cheered her on!

It took her awhile to learn how to steer it, but she's getting the hang of it.

We've been looking at these little cars for awhile & deciding which one to get Rylie. We picked the police car because #1 it's gender-neutral. We also love the cute features on it. It has a working siren, microphone, and radio noises that say things like "we got a 314 on main street & need an officer right away!" We also wanted a car with 2 seats & doors to help keep her safe, so this was perfect for us.

This smile just says how much she loves her car! She was having so much fun!

We had to get back into normal routine today. David worked partly from home & then went to the office. Rylie had school & I caught up on laundry & more cleaning. Rylie was such a stinker though after school & never took a nap. I brought dinner to our friends Julee, Rob & Charlotte who welcomed baby Grayson home last week. Then Rylie went to bed before 7pm! I really wish that Elf "Dina" was still around to bribe Rylie with good bahavior! Ha!


Lyndsey said...

Thanks for your comment about the sign! It's from etsy, the shop is called "defineyourspace." I was really pleased with the quality and the price is great!

Rosie said...

That is such a neat car! I haven't seen a cop car before. Oh and her vest is so stylish :)