Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mimi's Tree, Christmas Party, Grandaddy & Deedee Visit

After Rylie's breakfast with Santa yesterday morning, we headed to Mimi's house! We had lunch & then David's mom and I went shopping while David & Rylie hung out at the house. We had so much success at a few little shops that we knew wouldn't be crowded!

When we got back from shopping Rylie helped Mimi decorate her tree. Rylie really enjoyed doing that!

After the tree was all done, Rylie stood by it with her arms out & sang the song from "The Grinch" that goes "Welcome.....welcome....." lol She loves that movie this year!

After dinner, David and I stopped by our friend Jim's house for a dessert & drinks Christmas party. Jim has a fabulous home & the party pretty great with all kinds of desserts and a bartender. This was the only picture I got from the upstairs balcony. I didnt even get one of David & myself. Oops!

Today we had David's dad & Donna over for lunch! David made a yummy spaghetti bolognese with a new recipe and it was so good!

Rylie had fun seeing Grandaddy & Deedee. She was showing them some things from dance class. She's always putting things on the floor just for her to jump over them. Jumping is something she does ALL. THE. TIME.

Then she rode her bike for a little while to show Grandaddy and Deedee. It was so cold & windy though so we couldnt stay out long. After they headed home, we surprised Rylie with taking her to a Christmas Kindermusik class! She was so happy to see Miss Sandy & her friends Owen, Jaiden, and Kate! I'll have to save those photos for tomorrow though because I took so many & I'm so tired from this weekend! Did I mention with all this extra cooking/baking we've been doing the past 2 weeks that our dishwasher's been broken? =/ The earliest they could come to fix it is tomorrow so hopefully it wont get postponed! We need our dishwasher back! I've got so much holiday baking to do this week!

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