Monday, December 6, 2010

Meet Hadley

Rylie & I brought dinner to our friends Courtney and Jason yesterday. Rylie was excited to meet her friend Cady's new baby sister Hadley!

She insisted on wearing a Santa hat too for some reason! I said "You're my little Elf, Rylie." And she said "No, I not. I Santa!" haha

A few of my family members have asked about Courtney & her new little one, so I asked Courtney if I could post this precious photo on here to show you all! 

Isnt she gorgeous? I've been so eager to meet Hadley and was tickled to get to hold her. She's just such a doll & Cady was so sweet to us. Rylie wasnt in the best of moods, however lol but it was great to visit our friends. And I'm so excited for the next 2 little babies Grayson and Lauren arriving in the next month and a half!


EMonaghan said...

your new photos are amazing! I need to figure out how to do one as my title banner!

Emily P. said...

that was us on the news! small world. we are open for sure until may but we're not sure past that.