Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Last Dance for 2010

Yesterday was Rylie's last dance class of the year. =(

She's really gonna miss her teacher Miss Taylor! Rylie insisted on wearing this purple "lee-tard" again because she loves the purple leg warmers I bought from The Childrens Place to go with it! And purple's her favorite color right now. I didnt take pictures from last week's dance class when she first wore this set, but yall dont be surprised if it's the only thing she wears the rest of the dance class session until May! lol Her other leotards are gettin so small already!

After class Rylie handed out Christmas goody bags to her friends. We have a 2 week break until we'll be back. Hopefully we wont forget our dance moves in the meantime!

Cutie Paulina posing! 

I cannot believe how soon Christmas is approaching! Are you all done with your shopping? I've been "done" for about a week. I only have 2 more gifts to buy & I know what they are. I'm just holding off hoping they go on sale! ha!

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