Monday, December 13, 2010

A Kindermusik Christmas

So yesterday evening we surprised Rylie by taking her to the Christmas Kindermusik class! She's only been to Miss Sandy's new studio for dance classes, but still always says hi to her. When we were getting ready to leave & told her where we were going, she said "See Miss Sandy?!" And was SO EXCITED about going!

When she got there she decorated a cute wreath first.

Then some other friends arrived!
Kate, Rylie, Owen

And Jaiden and Maggie arrived too! It was just like old times, minus a few other friends. But these 4 totally took center stage & were so hyped up with excitement to be there.

Listening to the story part.

Marching around with Miss Sandy!

Their favorite! The towel rides!

I just had to include this picture of Rylie & Jaiden from our Fall 08 Kindermusik class when we first joined!

Then we decided we could squeeze Maggie on there too!

Dancing with the scarves, another of Rylie's favorite

Snowballs (aka white balloons) were a big hit too!

And then the hit of the night-the parachute! I'd forgotten about this.

The kids went nuts over this!

Little Ella and Ethan were having fun too! I just love these little babies!

They ended with a sweet song & shined flashlights on the ceiling with the lights turned off. It was such a cute class and we were happy to see our friends!

I've gotta include this funny story because we couldn't stop laughing about this last night. After the class we went to dinner with Laurie, Chad, Jaiden & Maggie for pizza. Jaiden and Rylie were playing on the arcade games after eating. They both climbed on this motorcycle game. Rylie was sitting in front & Jaiden was behind her & they were pretending to drive it. We told them it was time to go home and Jaiden said "But we're going on an exciting adventure!" lol The things kids say!

PS Still no fixed dishwasher =( The technician was in a wreck so we're delayed another week. Trying to find another company who'll handle the warranty repairs sooner!

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PotterMama said...

That looks like fun! I'll have to check & see if there is one anywhere near us! This is my favorite christmas song, by the way! :)