Friday, December 24, 2010

The Days Before Christmas

Wednesday I woke up feeling stuffy, had sinus pressure, and an ear ache. I figured it was allergies so I started on medicine. Thankfully the dishwasher guy came & finally fixed it though. So that was a plus. Well, then Thursday morning I woke up feeling much worse & couldn't hear out of my right ear. So I immediately called my doctor nearby & he had an opening for noon. I'd already promised Rylie that we'd make cookies for Santa on Thursday.

I'd worked so hard this holiday season to have everything done ahead of time so we could just enjoy the holidays this year (and Rylie has loved doing this calendar every single day this month! She never forgot to move the candycane). We had nothing else planned yesterday & didnt want to be out in the crowds, but just stay home & bake cookies. I wasnt feeling well at all, but I didnt want to disappoint Rylie, so we still
got them made.
I love this look on her face! She was so excited Mommy let her use my hand mixer for the first time! She felt like such a big girl!

She even jumped in & wanted to help roll the dough out!

Of course I let her help cut the cookies out. She picked the star cutter again.

And she's become a pro at the sprinkles too!

They're ready to go in!

Mommy accidentally burnt the first batch =( But the 2nd batch was perfect! And she told everybody all day long that she made cookies for Santa!

After the cookies were done, we headed to my Dr appointment & it turned out I had a double ear infection & sinus infection. =/ Not fun. So I had 2 prescriptions to pick up. By then it was Rylie's nap time so that wasn't real fun. But thankfully she took a nap so Mommy could too & David got off work early!

Today my mom came into town to spend Christmas with us! We took her to David's church downtown to the children's program. (This was where Rylie played baby Jesus 2 years ago!)

It was a beautiful service & Rylie loved it! She kept asking where baby Jesus was the whole time! lol

Our big girl

Quick family picture before we headed out!

I hope you all have a great Christmas day tomorrow with your family/friends!

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Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Savannah helped me bake for the first time this year:) I love advent calendars!