Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in Review

I'll be honest, I'm glad 2010 is ending. This was honestly one of the worst years for us, and no you dont know why. I wont even go into details, but we're glad this year is over. On top of the biggest reason 2010 wasn't good for us, we also had a lot of repairs this year. We had our roof fixed twice due to water leaks, both our a/c units broke & were repaired, our desktop computer crashed so we had to buy a new one, our dishwasher broke & was recently fixed, and my car was finally fixed from a small fender-bender I had last December (that I never mentioned on here because I was just too mad about it lol) Then on top of all that we also discovered who our true friends are.......and who aren't. The ones who cared enough to be there for us during this year instead of turning their backs, we'd like to say thank you. We really appreciate & love yall!

We really went into this year with such hope that this would be THE year for a lot of things and unfortunately it just wasnt. But it's alright. We're all happy, healthy, and moving on!There were some good highlights to the year though. I decided to make a very detailed post recapping this year. Warning-it's quite long.

In January
We kicked off 2010 with a fun little weekend away. We spent New Year's Day in the Woodlands & took Rylie ice skating for the first time.

I turned 24.

And Rylie was happy to start Kindermusik's Spring class.

In February
We had a good Valentine's Day & took Rylie to the Houston Zoo for the first time.

And I accidentally cut Rylie's bangs way short! I have yet to try trimming them myself again! haha

In March
Rylie got really sick. She had a pretty bad bug & spent the day at Texas Children's Hospital (where they did nothing for her & sent us off with a huge bill). Thankfully it wasnt something serious though!

Then David & I went to the Houston Rodeo where we saw Alan Jackson in my first concert. Unfortunately I got really sick afterwards. =/ 

On St. Patrick's Day Rylie had a playdate at the playground with some girlfriends!

I got disciplined & lost 10 lbs finally that I had been wanting to lose for awhile. (And I'm happy to say I've only gained about 3 back.)

We visited our friends Erin & Eric in Ft Worth on the 1st day of Spring & it snowed up there!

Rylie was happy to see the Easter bunny

And we did our first Easter egg hunt all on her own with a few friends.

In April
We had a great Easter together! It was our first year to host & had David's mom & Craig over & we're looking forward to doing it again.

Rylie had some CUTE Spring portraits taken at school.

Our friends Julee, Rob and Charlotte left us for 3 months to go to China. =(

Got some cute bluebonnet pictures taken.

On April 12 Rylie wore big-girl panties all day without accidents for the 2nd time (1st day to leave the house in them). Potty-training was officially a success!

In May
Rylie gave me a wonderful Mothers Day

David & I celebrated our 3rd anniversary.

Rylie finished Spring Kindermusik, although was sick & missed her last day.

My baby cousin Vanessa got married!

We kicked off swim season!

Rylie moved up to the Early Preschool 2 class & started a new curriculum.

And we spent Memorial Day in the Texas heat at the Houston Zoo & took Rylie to Chuck E Cheese for the 1st time!

Then, sadly David's PawPaw passed away.

In June
David turned the big 30.

And we celebrated with a weekend in Galveston, where Rylie saw the beach for the first time.

And we got free tickets to Space Center Houston

Rylie moved up to a toddler bed

We celebrated Father's Day at the lakehouse with David's dad

David took Rylie fishing for the first time

And Rylie finally got a swingset!

In July
We had a wonderful 4th of July weekend, although it poured down rain the whole time!

We took Rylie to the Circus for the 1st time & she loved it!

David's Granny & Aunt Lana came to visit us!

Rylie & I started attending story time at the local library weekly with some friends.

We took a weekend get-away to San Antonio to visit my aunt Rose Ann & uncle Al. We also took Rylie to Sea World for the first time. It was brutal hot but we all enjoyed it.

In August
Rylie got to meet Bob & Larry!

Rylie's friend Charlotte returned to our group from China with big news-a baby brother on the way!

Rylie & I tagged along with David on a business trip to Ft Worth for a week & got to hang out with Erin & baby Caiden a lot!

We took a trip to the Louis family reunion & had a great time!

Rylie started dance class!

In September
I joined a great MOPS group with a few friends! I'll continue this in the Spring.

Rylie got some cute Fall portraits at school.

In October
Rylie started the Preschool class at school with a whole new schedule. She went from Tue/Thur full time to M/W/F half days. We still havent decided if we like this schedule better or not.

Rylie turned 3 with an Ariel birthday party

She saw her first movie in a theater & did very well!

Rylie had a great Halloween with friends!

In November
We had a little scare with Rylie. Her pediatrician detected a heart murmur so we spent a day at the hospital having several tests done. Thankfully everything came back normal!

We celebrated my Grandma's 90th birthday in Valley Mills

We hosted a wonderful Thanksgiving with David's family over!

Rylie & I baked cookies together for the first time

In December
Rylie was all smiles for Santa! She really got into the holiday season this year!

We had fun attending 3 holiday parties/ornament exchanges.

Rylie had breakfast with Santa at her school

She also did a Christmas Kindermusik class with a few friends

Mimi joined her for her school's Christmas party

We celebrated Christmas with my family in Waco/Valley Mills

We had a wonderful Christmas with my mom visiting & going to David's mom's and dad's houses!

Additionally, Rylie celebrated 16 friends' birthdays! I believe we attended 14 of those parties this year. lol We also attended 7 baby showers (and 1 we couldn't attend), 4of them I co-hosted. Seven new babies were born to friends of ours. One is due in a few weeks. And my brother & his wife announced they're expecting a boy in May!

So we gladly welcome 2011 & hope it's great for yall too!


EMonaghan said...

what a great recap! Hopefully we are still on your good friends list :) I know we don't see each other a lot but, you guys are always in our hearts!

~Shelly~ said...

Great post :) I hope 2011 brings y'all lots of JOY :) Maybe for us too.
The pic of u and Rylie on Mother's Day is my favorite one of the 2 of u! So sweet! Happy New Year!

Ashlee McCrary said...

I love yall both! Thanks for being so great & there for us this year-both of yall!

Rosie said...

Wow! What a year ya'll had! I'm sorry it wasn't all great though and wish a better year for ya'll in 2011!

Anonymous said...

you also had a new nephew born this past year! You lead a very busy life, but a good one.

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Wow, what a year! Sorry for anything bad that it brought. Welcome 2011!