Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wedding Planning & A Turkey Plate

As Rylie & I were heading out for errands today, we stopped by the bank & opened a special savings account. Rylie now has her own savings account for her wedding fund! We decided a little while ago to start one when she turned 3. It's not much going into it, but a little bit every week over twenty-plus years will be a big help when that time comes! Coincidentally, today is 4 years to the day David proposed to me! Looking back on that night, I never would've guessed exactly 4 years later I'd be setting up a wedding fund for my 3 year old! Crazy how life is sometimes. (And dont worry, we've already had her a college one setup!)

After the bank, we went to Mudpie! We were registered for the storytime & activity on Tuesday, but obviously didnt make it. I'd prepaid though so I wanted to make sure Rylie got to make her plate. It was her first painting project & she was so excited!

First she sponged on the background.

Then she did a handprint which will be a turkey!

Then I helped her stamp on some cute Autumn leaves around the border.

And we were done! They do the fancy writing on there for us & we'll pick it up in a week. Rylie really loved painting that plate, although she wanted to do some freestyling. We'll definitely have to hit this place up again soon!

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Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Love her special account! Looks like she had a great time painting!