Sunday, November 21, 2010

Unplanned Hiatus

Sorry for the week-long absence from the blog! I really didnt plan on being away this long. Some of yall have asked if we were sick or something, but we're just fine! Thanks for thinking of us! I seriously just blinked last Friday & a whole week went by. It's a complete coincidence too that this week last year I took a break from the blog because I was just overwhelmed with things. Then I ended up getting sick & having surgery. So we're extremely thankful this holiday season that nobody's been in the hospital! (knock on wood)

Well, here's what we've been up to this past week!

Last Saturday evening David & I attended a birthday party for our friend Jay!

Christine threw a surprise party for her husband Jay & it was fun being out with friends!

Monday I dont have any pictures, but David & I spent the whole day in the downtown Houston Criminal Courthouse. Remember this crazy day back in April when we witnessed a crazy driver & called the police? Well, we turned our video in of the crazy driver & the girl was pleading not guilty. So we were subpoenaed to testify in court as witnesses. We arrived Monday morning & sat in the most uncomfortable wooden seats in the courhouse for over 2 hours, watching several other criminals go through their visits with the judge. Finally the Assistant DA took us to the witness room & said the Defense Attorney didnt have the allowed time to view the video we turned in so they requested a continuance, which they were granted. Usually we wouldn't want a continuance, but in this case we think it's for the best. The officer who arrested the girl is on chemo & cant testify right now but we're hoping he'll be better in February when the trial's been set for. However, we also hope that once the Defense Attorney watches this video with her client, they'll realize they have no chance at a trial & will take a plea. So hopefully we wont have to return to court again! It's not a fun place, lemme tell ya.

Tuesday Rylie had her usual dance class!

They worked on their cute routine where they're sleeping with a stuffed animal & then wake up & dance around.

Rylie's become a pro at jumping over things. She does this all the time around the house now too.

Wednesday I took Rylie to school & then went grocery shopping for Thanksgiving. We're hosting again this year and we're excited to be having family from Lubbock joining us this year too! While I was at Walmart I noticed their Angel Tree at the entrance. A 4 year old girl wanted a jacket for Christmas & it just made me want to cry. All she wanted for Christmas was a jacket to keep her warm. I couldn't resist. I bought her 2. And a Barbie doll.

Thursday....I dont even remember Thursday. lol What did we do?!

Friday was Rylie's Thanksgiving feast at her school so she wore her turkey shirt. She's been so excited for Thanksgiving coming up & talks nonstop about all the family members coming over that day. So she was really happy when I told her she was going to Thanksgiving at her school! She also got her new backpack earlier this week with her name on it. They were on backorder with her school, but these are issued to the 3 year old class for all students to have the same bag. I couldn't attend Rylie's Thanksgiving at school because I had MOPS and we had such a wonderful speaker! Probably my favorite meeting so far.

Friday night I attended the MOPS girls night out game night. I met a few new ladies from our local MOPS group & we had a lot of fun. This is Allison on the left & our MOPS coordinator Jennifer on the right.

My DGL table leader Monica on the left hosted this fun night & I met Amanda-center and Amy-right as well. They humored me & let me take their pictures because I told them I have a blog that about 2 people read! hehe

Saturday (yesterday) morning we were busy doing housework preparing for Thanksgiving and Rylie's Mimi called & offered to take Rylie to her house so we could get more done. As soon as we told Rylie, she was running all over the house saying "I go to Mimi house!" She intently watched out the window for Mimi's car too! lol

We had a very productive weekend of Christmas shopping and are all set for Thanksgiving!! I've gotta say though I'm not happy about this Houston weather. We were doing great for awhile, in the 60's and Rylie was able to wear her new Fall clothes. Then we hit back up in the high 70's again. Ugh! Rylie has nothing to wear lately and she's had slight allergies. I always hope we have a cold Thanksgiving, but it doesnt look like we will this year =/

Hope you all had a great weekend & smooth holiday week ahead!


~Shelly~ said...

Court stuff does not sound fun at all! Good luck with that!
Hope u guys have a great Turkey Day!! Ours will be nice and cold! 80s on Wednesday and 48 on Thursday! Whoohoo!

Rosie said...

Surely more than 2 people read your blog :)
I can't believe it's been a year since you were sick and went to the hospital. Time flies. Court sucks, but at least ya'll were there to videotape everything even if it meant going to court. She does NOT need to be on the roads!

And that was SOO sweet of you to buy those jackets and barbie :)

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

I was wondering about you! Sometimes it's good to take a break, planned or unplanned! I feel ya on the weather. We are taking xmas pics today and its 80 degrees!