Friday, November 12, 2010

A Sprinkle For Grayson

Today was a sweet sprinkle for our friend Julee who's expecting little Grayson next month!

Julee (middle) with Courtney (left) who is having Hadley Tuesday! And Sharon (right) who's due with Lauren January 19!

Our friend Tiffany hosted the sprinkle at her house & completely outdid herself! She did such a great job with everything. Everything had such detail to it. Just beautiful!

The kiddos eating their lunches

Laurie with Maggie and myself

Tiffany (the hostess) with sweet Ella

I somehow managed to miss a picture of Susan =( I'm so sorry Susan!

The kids watching Beauty and the Beast (Rylie carried around Kate's Elmo the entire time lol And she never plays with her own at home!)

Julee got a lot of cute things for little Grayson!

We cant wait to meet him in December! And best of luck Courtney on your delivery Tuesday! We cant wait to meet miss Hadley too!

1 comment:

Rosie said...

I love sprinkles! And the name Grayson...may be a contender for our next baby if it's a boy ;)
Your hair is getting long. Very pretty!