Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Really Really Long Day

Today was the day for all the tests on Rylie's heart. We needed her to be really tired & nap during some of the tests so we kept her up late last night. Then about 11pm or midnight when we started to doze off, a storm rolled in. Every single clap of thunder had Rylie in bed with me, clinging to me. It was a long night! So we got up at 7 & took Rylie to a big IHOP breakfast. Then we checked into the hospital radiology at 10:30.

We waited awhile to be called back to register. Rylie enjoyed watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on TV while we waited.

Finally we were called back to do the echo first. This was the longest, hardest test. She was supposed to sleep during it, but instead she threw a huge fit & wouldnt let the nurse near her. She was clinging to me for dear life, screaming her head off, poor thing. A few other nurses even tried bribing her with chocolate, which she refused. She was mad we had to take her shirt off & was scared of the sticky wires they were trying to put on her. Finally we got her calmed down (telling her we'd go to the toy store later to look at the cars-the motorized ones kids drive themselves) and she let the nurse get her hooked up. She actually did very well during the echo & stayed still the entire hour it lasted, watching cartoons on the tv. We were glad when it was over though!

And she finally took a piece of chocolate ;-)

Next we had a chest x-ray done. Rylie was a little fussy for a second, but once the lady said it was just going to take a picture, she sat still & said "cheese!"

Then we waited a little while & were called back for the EKG. This was a pretty simple test, although Rylie screamed the entire time.

They just did some sticky wires again & we had to sit still. Rylie was so done by now! She literally screamed the entire time. =(

Finally it was time to go! They gave her some "superstar patient" stickers to wear & we couldnt have walked out of the hospital fast enough! lol Rylie kept saying "Go toy store?" So we took her by there, although she was too tired to even want to look at things. She did see the cars on display (she's asking Santa for one) and we glanced at a few things on sale but didnt stay long or buy anything. By then it was after 2 & we were hungry so we grabbed lunch to-go & headed home. Rylie didnt want to eat & although we were all exhausted she didnt want to nap either. She watched a little TV while Mommy dozed off a little & Daddy did some work from home.

This evening I went with a neighbor to vote last-minute. It took 2 hours, but it's great we live in a country where we have the right to vote so I wasnt going to let that go to waste.

We thought we'd hear the results back from her tests today but didnt receive a phone call. Hopefully tomorrow we'll know something! Thanks again all our sweet friends who reached out to us today with kind words/thoughts/prayers! We appreciated each & every one!


Rosie said...

Hey girl. Sorry I haven't stopped by to send my thoughts and prayers your way. I was thinking of ya'll yesterday and by the pictures, all I can say is...Bless your heart! And poor Rylies. I'm sure she's glad that's over.

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Poor thing! What a hard day for you and her! Hoping the test come back with good news!

grandma said...

It breaks my heart to see Rylie so upset as it must have been extremely hard for you. My prayers are that everything will be okay.