Monday, November 29, 2010

Little Cookie Helper

Yesterday Rylie & Mommy made Christmas cookies together! I know it's still early, but we've never made them together before. So I've been very excited to do them this year!

I had some cute aprons made for us too! I bought these cheap at Hobby Lobby & a friend of a friend near us embroidered them for cheap as well! (Ignore how I look, allergies took over me this weekend)

Rylie was excited to get to help! She picked the star cutter every time & punched out her own.

I even let her do sprinkles all by herself! She got a little carried away on these though.

Then we watched them bake.

And let them cool off! They're not the prettiest things lol but they tasted good!

And my official cookie taster tried them out! (Her shirt says "Mom's little cookie taster" hehe!)
I'm sure we'll do a lot more baking together this holiday season & I'm looking forward to it!

After "naptime" (more like arguing with Rylie to stay in bed for a few hours & then losing that battle) Rylie's friend Charlotte stopped by for a few minutes to visit & right after she left Rylie crashed at 630! I guess all the excitement of the day wore her out!


Malinda said...

Adorable pictures. I'm going to try a gingerbread house with SM this year. I hope it goes almost as well as your cookie adventure. Too cute!

Rosie said...

How cute! I like your new layout too! And family picture :)