Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's Been A Cold, But Good Day

It's been a very chilly day today! The high was 60 but it was so windy so it felt much cooler. Rylie jumped on me in bed this morning saying "I go to dance today!"

She's still loving her class & teacher & friends at dance!

They danced to all cute Christmas songs today

And Rylie told David all night she had a "Christmas dance" today!

After Rylie napped I surprised her with some Veggie Tale fruit snacks I found at HEB a few days ago. When I showed them to her, she gasped & said "OH MY GOD, it's Bob & Larry!" lol I bout died laughing.

We met up Owen at the playground this afternoon too!

It was chilly, but they still had fun seeing each other for awhile.

AND our new family Christmas present came in today......

Our new computer! Finally a new desktop! I'm so excited! Hopefully I'll learn how to use it quickly & be back to posting edited (aka good) photos on the blog! And even more videos too!


~Shelly~ said...

I hope u are going to post those family pics! The header is CUTE.

iMacs are pretty cool. All the student computers here are those- i love the keyboard lol!!

Ashlee McCrary said...

I will post all our family pics after I send out Christmas cards! They just arrived in the mail so I'm eager to send them out! hehe

Our keyboard is TINY! I cant get used to it. The screen is HUGE tho. So different!

Rosie said...

You'll love the new computer! That's the one I use at work. It takes time to get used to but there's no going back after you start!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Yeah for a new comp!