Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Rylie & I were extremely tired today so we played hookie. She stayed home from school & we both slept in a little later. We still dont have the results from her heart tests. The pediatric cardiologist wasnt in today & her pediatrition wants him to look over the tests, so we should get a call tomorrow or Friday at the latest. We really appreciate yalls thoughts/prayers on our girl!

I was so excited to finally have cooler weather & put Rylie in her new wardrobe today. Makes me feel like the holiday season really is upon us too when it's not 90 degrees out!

So we just had a late lunch out & then grocery shopping. I'd planned on taking Rylie to a makeup dance class this afternoon since she missed hers yesterday, but we didnt finish in time. She was a little bummed, but was happy to find a new Casper cartoon movie at Walmart to spend some birthday money on.

Tonight Rylie insisted on taking a "good shower like Mommy" instead of a bath. She's only taken a shower maybe twice before, but lately she's preferred it over her bath. Afterwards she wants her hair put up in a towel "like Mommy" too. She just looked like such a big girl!

Then she wanted to try to put her hair up by herself.

It was unsuccessful but she loved it!

This is my favorite time of day!

Rylie has always said nighttime prayers before bed & lately she's been wanting to kneel by her bed instead of saying them laying down. It's so sweet! I just had to include this picture too.

I'll post an update on her test results as soon as I hear something.


Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Looks like she is feeling back to her sweet cute self! Love the pic of her in the towel:)

grandma said...

Its like dejavu seeing rylie in the little mermaid outfits and trying to do everything like mommy! she got a great role model.