Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

I hope you all had a great & safe weekend! Rylie had a fun Halloween! We started off going to early church service & big-girl Sunday School. Then Mimi & Gaga came over in the afternoon for dinner before trick or treating with us! Here's Rylie coming down the stairs in her costume....

This is the original Ariel costume we bought back in July on a big sale at the Disney Store. It's really tight on her though so I also bought a backup costume at our ne HEB for $10 (the Ariel dress she wore to her school party in the previous post). I'm just glad she could still squeeze into this one for trick or treating to get some use out of it! lol

I had to get one picture of her with Sebastian & Flounder too!

Mimi & Gaga & Rylie with the "little Caspers" in the tree. Rylie's gonna be so bummed that we have to take these down.

Ariel & Mommy

A few of our neighbors Noah, Masen, and Malek. Noah's brother Kai was a little scared of Rylie with her red hair. He wouldnt believe it was her & didnt want a picture taken with her. lol

The girls! Carter the kitty, Raegan as Cinderella, and Rylie

Their first stop: Masen & Malek's house!

A few of our neighbors also set up some games for the kids to play. Rylie took a try at the beanbag toss!

Miss Maggie was the cutest pumpkin princess!

Jaiden the policeman & Maggie

This picture's too funny. Rylie insisted on knocking on Jaiden & Maggie's door even though they were all outside so miss Laurie went in to let Rylie knock & open it for her. Rylie was too tickled!

Princesses! Ariel Rylie, another neighbor Abby as Snow White, and Cinderella Raegan

We also saw Kendall too so we needed to get a picture of Cinderella & Ariel with their princess crowns.

Then Rylie took her shot at the fishing game at Jaiden & Maggie's house.

Cady & Charlotte stopped by Jaiden & Maggie's house later so we stopped in to say hi. Cady was a cute little butterfly!

Charlotte was an adorable wicked witch from The Wizard of Oz. Rylie was really happy to see them, as we dont see Cady especially that much anymore since switching school schedules.

Rylie had a really fun time & already asked today to put her "Ariel dress & shoes" on again. lol Mommy's just trying to stay away from all this candy!

Tomorrow's the big day at the doctor for Rylie. I'll try to post an update as soon as I can. Please keep her in your thoughts that we'll have good news!


EMonaghan said...

she is such a cute Ariel! I can't wait till Caiden can trick or treat!

Becca - said...

We're praying that the Dr. visit went well today! Kendall sends Rylie BIG HUGS!!

grandma said...

That ariel costume is just too cute! Rylie, i might not have recogized you in that costume except you look so much like your mommy.