Sunday, November 7, 2010

90 Years Young

Yesterday we took a day trip up to my hometown Valley Mills (about 30 minutes outside of Waco) for my Grandma's 90th birthday.

She looked so happy to see everyone! Rylie had actually never met her Great-Grandmother, so this was a very exciting party!

My grandma with her kiddos!

I love this picture of my grandma & grandpa with their kids a long time ago. My grandpa has since passed & so has my aunt Sharon. 

Grandma with the grandkids & their spouses & children

A 4 generation photo with my Grandma, Dad, and Rylie

I love this photo of me, my sister, and brother with our Grandma & Grandpa in the house in Valley Mills they lived and then we later grew up in. Special memories!

Our family with the leading lady!

Grandma with 2 of her great-grandchildren

It was such a special birthday and I'm glad Rylie got to meet her great-grandmother. This was a special day we can tell her about when she's older.

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Grandma said...

Your grandmother looks great and I'm glad you were able to make this memory for Rylie.