Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Shower For Baby Hadley & Rylie's Dr Appt

Lemme just first state that today was HECTIC.
Do you ever have one of those days that just doesnt seem to have anything go right? Here goes today...

Rylie had an ok dance class this morning.

Her dance class buddies minus Charlotte.
She got a few Halloween treats from some friends too. I bought a lot of Halloween stickers & planned to bring them. Did I remember though? Course not.

After dance class we headed to a baby shower for our friend Courtney who's having baby Hadley next month! I made a cute diaper cake & bought a cupcake photo holder that all matches baby Hadleys adorable nursery. (Ignore the bow with the piece folded up under the loop. I didnt realize it when I took this picture)

Courtney received a lot of cute things to welcome Cady's baby sister home with! We're all so eager to meet her! We really missed seeing Julee & Charlotte today. Julee's been very sick in her 3rd trimester, so yall keep her in your thoughts & prayers. I just remember how miserable that was & my heart goes out to her.

Our friend Susan made yummy red velvet cupcakes (Courtney's favorite) for the shower & they were amazing!

Ok, now I'm just going to state Rylie's been having some potty problems the past few days. As in, having to go potty every five minutes. I'd just taken her after dance class before we headed to the shower, and then when I ordered our food while Rylie was sitting in her chair, she had an accident. Not had an accident in months, but all of a sudden had one today. Then still had to go potty 2 more times within the next hour the shower took place. And all she had was a small cup of milk. Thankfully we already had her 3 year checkup scheduled this afternoon and I could talk to the Dr about it today. Thank you to my sweet friends sitting with us that were very sympathetic & understanding with Rylie today. Yall have no idea how frustrating it's been with this the past few days. It was nice to get some encouragement from yall.

So we headed out of the shower & I was carrying the diaper cake & my bags & watching Rylie in the wind going to my car to set down my stuff & then carry the diaper cake to Courtney's car when the whole thing came apart. I tugged on the ribbon I guess & the whole thing just collapsed in my car. So I was very sad I had to give Courtney her diaper cake in a bag to take home =( All that work & it held up so well for days but couldnt seem to make it to the car.

SO.....then we came home and I gave Rylie a good bath because I just felt like she wasnt very clean after her accident & maybe I just felt like a good bath would wash away the bad luck we'd had today. Then we headed to her Dr appointment this afternoon. She did great, kept asking if she was getting a flu shot. lol We did a urine test & she didnt have a UTI or bladder infection like we suspected. We think she may be constipated though, causing her to have to urinate more often. So the Dr wants us to give her a little fruit juice for awhile (we typically dont hardly ever give her juice). BUT her Dr did find something when listening to her heart beat. They've heard a little tiny murmur in the past & didnt seem like anything, but now it's a lot louder & sounds different. So they ordered an echo to be done. We're waiting on the call back when it's ready, but they're going to do an x-ray, ekg, and echo test to just double-check the murmur isnt something serious. We hope to get this done soon!

Rylie was excited though to see her boyfriend from school's picture on the Dr's bulletin board! hehe

Her stats from today were: weight-30 lbs height 36 1/2 in. 25-50 percentile & perfectly proportionate ;-)
She's still not had a single earache/infection and seems to be growing up healthy.

She did have to get one shot today & it was a hard one. She barely fussed when it went in, although it looked painful! Then she exclaimed "I not cry! I get a sticker!" haha Her leg hurt so bad after the shot she wouldn't move it & there was a hard knot. We got her a sticker & came home & both just had to lay down! She took a hard, long nap & woke up to eat a late dinner before getting a bath & going back into bed.

I know everybody has these days now & then. They're not easy when they do come, but hopefully tomorrow we'll have better luck. Again, I'm just not one to sugar-coat things & write on my blog making our lives look perfect like nothing wrong ever happens. This is just straight up how our day went today! lol So sorry if this post was a downer.

I'll leave you with this cute photo from Sunday that I forgot to include on the last post!

Rylie's Gaga bought her this cute little used bike awhile back & had it ready for her this weekend when she stayed with them. They told me she rode it all by herself all the way to the park to play Sunday morning! It was all she talked about when she came home ;-)


~Shelly~ said...

Oh yea- I was driving when I got your text & then completely forgot to write u back when I got home! Im glad you got some good use out of it :)

Im sorry she has been having potty issues. I hope they get to the bottom of it all. Let us know what her results are on the heart murmur.

Rosie said...

Oh gosh! Potty issues do not sound fun. Sorry you had one of "those" days. I hope today is better. And keep us updated on t he heart murmer. Praying everything is ok!

Julee Casey said...

Ashlee- Sorry to hear about your rough day! Hope the tests come back with some positive news about Miss Rylie. You all are in our thoughts and prayers!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...