Thursday, October 21, 2010


Rylie and I had a fabulous day together! It was completely unplanned too so I think that may be why we enjoyed it a little more. We had nothing planned today so we were just playing this morning. Then about 11am I thought we should have lunch at the new Cracker Barrel. (I've seriously had a giftcard since we moved from Waco I've been trying to finish off!)

So Rylie was excited, grabbed her Ariel & lovey & we headed out. We had a fantastic meal: me chicken & dumplings, Rylie pancake & egg.

Then I thought, it'd be fun to go see a movie. It was completely out of the blue. I just decided Rylie was ready. We were actually going to take her to see the new Disney movie "Tangled" when it comes out next month, but I just decided today would be the day for her first movie! I checked the showtimes on my phone as we were finishing lunch & what do you know, Disney's "Secretariat" was starting in 30 minutes! It was the only movie that looked appropriate for her & I figured she'd love watching the horses. I also figured since it was near naptime, she'd be more calm & tired & sit still in her seat instead of going in the morning when she'd be wanting to burn off energy.

So she was very excited when I told her we were going to see a horse movie! The theater is right next to the Cracker Barrel. Rylie actually thought it would be an outside movie & kept asking if Charlotte would be there like she was at our last neighborhood movie night! I had to explain to her this big movie would be indoors.

By the way, these are not the best photos because all I had was my cell phone camera! But I wanted to remember Rylie's first big movie day with Mommy!

They didnt even charge me for Rylie & I got matinee ticket for myself. I asked Rylie if she wanted a snack & believe it or not she looked at all the popcorn & candy & said no! She'd eaten such a good lunch before! We sat down about 15 minutes before showtime & had the place to ourselves for awhile. I discussed with her that we sit still & had alread gone potty so we shouldnt' have to go again until the movie ended & we dont talk during this movie. She didnt like sitting in her own seat because she didnt weigh enough to keep it down. lol So she mostly sat in my lap but she did GREAT during the movie! We both did have to make a potty run halfway through, and about 30 min to the end she acted like she couldnt be quiet anymore & started whispering mumbled things but only for a short while. The movie was very sweet & such an amazing true story! We both really enjoyed it!

After the movie, we decided to grab drinks at Sonic happy hour before it ended since there was a new Sonic in front of the theater as well! I felt bad I had Rylie's hopes up on getting an apple juice slushy but they dont make them anymore. =( So she said she wanted strawberry & then didnt seem to like it as much.

It was such a fun little leisure day we had just the 2 of us. We hadnt even had lunch just us 2 in a long time, so I really enjoyed it especially! It was just one of those sweet days I want to remember forever.

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Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Aw how cool! She is such a big girl:)