Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rylie's 3rd Birthday Party!

Oh my word, I cannot believe Rylie just had her 3rd birthday party! It came & went so fast! I've never seen a little girl more excited about something. She's only been talking about this party nonstop for months! She had a great party and really enjoyed it a lot. Thanks again everybody who came out to give our girl special birthday wishes! She really loved seeing each & every one of you!

Now here's a ton of pictures from her big celebration!

Backyard setup. Her theme was Ariel from The Little Mermaid so we went with an "underwater" setup with bubble machines going & fish everywhere.

Her Ariel cake-one of the top 3 things she was most looking forward to having at her party! Mommy slaved for hours on this thing!

Birthday girl in her outfit! The bows that are hard to see here were made by Holly with Notice Me Designs. Her shirt was ordered off Etsy (I added the poof on the top of the birthday hat though) and I made her tutu.

Rylie's uncle Daniel

Aunt Sarah & cousin Hayden

Hayden's big brother Isaac




Kate & Owen

Rylie's Mimi & Gaga


Owen's dad & little brother Ethan

Masen & Malek (I'm sorry I forgot which shirt each one was wearing! But I'll tell you, Rylie's great at telling them apart!)

Party guests & the bigger moonwalk in the driveway

The bubble machines were a hit!
Charlotte, Raegan, Kate

Rylie & Savannah

Daddy kept the popcorn coming! Everybody seemed to love it.

Uh oh! Already kissing boys!
Rylie & AJ

The kids seemed to have a lot of fun doing the pinata! They at least loved dashing for all the "treasure" that fell out at the end!

Then we sang Happy Birthday to our girl, the most special thing to her. It was what she looked forward to most-everybody singing to her. I teared up a little while they sang because I knew how happy it made her. Just a simple little thing like that.

We didnt even talk to her at all about blowing out the candle after singing. I was impressed she knew what to do! (Better look at the bows! Holly does awesome work!)

Ariel cupcakes

Our girl finally getting to enjoy her Ariel cake she long-awaited!

I know Rylie always wants a balloon when she sees them at other kiddos' birthday parties so I figured her friends were prolly the same way & attached a balloon to each favor bag. Seemed to be a hit with Carter!

Rylie with her Grandaddy & Deedee


I'm sorry I didnt get a picture of Jaiden & Maggie, but they were great to stop by as well after they had such a hectic day! Rylie was happy to see them too!

After her party guests left we had to bring down the moonwalks just to get Rylie to open her presents! lol Those "castles" as she calls them were her 3rd thing she most looked forward to having at her party & she probably spent 95% of the time jumping in one or the other. This was actually her first year to open all her birthday presents. Her 1st birthday she didnt really know what to do & her 2nd she just wanted us to open them & show her what she got! lol So this year she was excited to do it all by herself. She loved each & every thoughtful gift & had an amazing day!

THANK YOU ALL again for sending Rylie sweet birthday wishes! She really is a lucky girl to have so many people care for her!


Rosie said...

What a cute party. She looked adorable in her b-day outfit!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

So cute! Glad it turned out so great!