Friday, October 22, 2010

Rylie Paige at 3

I've got 2 new school pictures & a few more professional ones I've been waiting to show yall! So here they are with a few updates on our girl at age 3!

Rylie doesnt have her 3 year checkup until Tuesday so I wont have official height/weight information until then. But I'm estimating she weighs about 28-29 lbs & have no clue on her height! She wears 3T/4T shirts, 3T dresses, 2T/3T bottoms, and size 7/8 shoes.

Rylie still is & always has been a breakfast girl! She wakes up & first thing says "Go eat?" And starts naming off her breakfast menu requests! lol Her favorite breakfast foods are bananas (always!), pancakes, scrambled eggs, cheerios (either plain or in bowl with milk), cereal bars (just nutri grain blueberry), cheese toast, and special treat sometimes gets a chocolate frosted donut with sprinkles. She's not a big lunch eater, and sometimes eats a good dinner. Her other favorite foods are mac & cheese (#1), hamburger, meatballs, chicken nuggets, popcorn shrimp, grilled cheese sandwich, french fries, applesauce, yogurt (#2 fav), crackers (almost any kind), and what she calls Toy Story fruit. It's just those fruit snacks she sometimes gets that are branded with Toy Story on them. She also loves pistachios and her favorite dessert is ice cream, chocolate ice cream! 

She's just at the cutest age right now! I love watching her imagination grow every day!
Her favorite thing to play lately is pretend with her babies. She loves to wrap them in her lovey & carry them like a baby. Sometimes she pretends one of her babies or Ariel doll is sick & they're crying & she comforts them & says "Oh it's ok Ariel." She also lays them face down, covers them up & pats their backs "to put them to sleep." I've even seen her pretend to change Ariel's "diaper" & it was the cutest thing! She gets so detailed in these games she plays & even pretended she got poopoo on her hand while changing Ariel & had to go wash them! ha! I'm so excited though she's been fully potty-trained for months. It was our goal when she turned 2 that as long as she was done by age 3, we were happy. We didnt care if it took us all year! lol But thankfully it didnt take that long. We were just glad to have reached that goal. Yall know it was a little rocky. I'm sure not one of those moms to sugar-coat things. But we made it. Rylie does still sleep in a nighttime pullup. She's a deep sleeper so we're not even worried about that right now.

She also loves to play hairstylist with all her dolls. She's constantly stealing my pony tail holders out of my bathroom & taught herself to put her dolls' hair in a pony. She got a cute hairstyling toy set for her birthday too & she's even been doing Mommy's hair. She walks around with her toy hairdryer & straightener all the time. She even wanted to bring her straightener to school for show n' tell today. She loves her dance class & loves to show people what she does in class. She also loves her school & new "big girl" classroom. She's learning to write her numbers & letters now. She's all done with learning to say & recognize all the letters of the alphabet & counting to 20. She can say the days of the week (sometimes mixes up Wed & Fri though, I'll be honest.)

She's been saying the cutest things lately. I've started writing some down so I wouldn't forget. She's been on this kick lately with calling us by our first names instead of Mommy & Daddy. It's kinda cute, but at the same time we just love to hear her voice call us by Mommy & Daddy. We've heard a lot lately "Look! Watch me!" The other day she wanted a cereal bar for breakfast & I told her I couldnt find the box so I thought we were out and she said with sass "It's in the fridge!" But she was referring to the pantry. Then she walked over to it & said "Look. Look. Look! I show you." lol She's very good about telling people her entire day that just happened, in detail. Example-"I go to school today. I go to big girl classroom. Mommy pick me up after lunch. I go potty. I get pullup on & take nap in bed. I get out of bed & go play outside." It's usually a long recap! And everything that happened in the past is "yesterday." She still says "I go Sea World yesterday" and that happened in July! 

She loves talking on the phone. She's always saying "Uh oh, pistachio!" The other day she just asked me outta the blue "What on Earth happened to you?!" I have no clue where she got that from! She's still into dressup & loves shoes for sure. She got a giftcard for her birthday & I told her it was money to buy something she would like & she exclaimed "Shoes!" She's really gotten into more full-length movies lately. Her favorites are still "The Little Mermaid," "Aladdin," and "Casper." Additionally she's now loving "Harry and the Hendersons." lol I've been limiting her to 1 movie a day though. We also work on school "homework" and she loves to play outside! She mostly loves to ride her bike, swing, slide, and run up & down the sidewalk with neighbor friends. She recognizes when we're at HEB, Walmart, and Target and even knows when we're in Kingwood.

She's just the best little girl we could ever ask for as a daughter! So sweet, loving, and caring for all her friends & family. She's also the most thankful little girl. We just love her more & more every day!

I havent decided yet if I'll keep doing these updates. They've only been for my record, mostly for my use if we have another baby to refer back to & remember what all happened at certain age points. lol But also because we want to remember every detail of Rylie growing up. I guess I'll decide later if I want to keep up with them, depending on how much changes she goes through! So you may or may not see more of these!


~Shelly~ said...

She just gets prissier by the minute! Love the pics, she is so photogenic!

grandma said...

Ilove all those pictures. the Black and white one is fantastic.