Monday, October 4, 2010

October Has Begun!

Ok, I know I'm 4 days late talking about October now starting. lol It's been crazy busy lemme tell ya! I've had my car in the shop for 2 weeks (when it was supposed to only be 5 days), we've had to be somewhere early everyday the past 2 weeks, I'd fallen so behind on laundry, we had disasters with our outfits for family & Rylie birthday pictures that were taken this past Saturday......crazy! I havent even taken pictures except these few.

So Friday kicked off October!

We were so excited we pulled out the Halloween shirts for MOPS!

I dont really decorate for Halloween. I used to go all out & even entered Halloween-decorating contests when we lived in an apartment in Waco. But when Rylie was born 3 years ago I got rid of it all & decided I'd be too busy to decorate for both Halloween & then Thanksgiving. So lately I've just decorated for generic "Fall."

I just did a little this year tho-the pumpkin above, the mantle, and some mums by our front door.

We do have this one Halloween item though my Aunt Valerie gave us last year! Rylie loves it! It sings a cute Halloween song.

But this year I decided to do a little more. I bought these cute ghost bags for $2 at Target!

Oh my word the excitement Rylie had when she came home from school last week to see these! She said "there's Casper!" And as soon as David came home from work, she grabbed his hand & said "I gotta show Daddy the Caspers in the front yard!" haha

So I'm thinking about getting a few other little Halloween decorating things now that Rylie's old enough to have fun with the holiday too. She sure picked a good time to become obsessed with the movie Casper too huh! Now she sees ghost-like things everywhere & says they're Casper. And we're even doing another block-party-movie-night this weekend & guess what we're watching? Casper! =)

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