Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Tuesday Dance Class

Rylie started in the Tuesday dance class this week! Her friend Charlotte's in this class with her, which thrills Rylie! There are also 2 other girls we've just met.

This class has a different teacher too, which I wasnt sure how Rylie would take, but she loves Miss Taylor and did great!

Charlotte was sweet & gave Rylie a hug during class.

They did a lot of fun stuff this week. They walked down & back with a bean bag on their heads to promote balance.

Rylie kept putting the bag on her head though and taking off running, picking the bag off the floor & putting it back on her head and taking off running again. I think we need to work on that! lol

And they did some jumps in between the cones along with a few other things.

It's a really good class & we're excited about what we're going to be learning in it next!

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